Rhode Island Red Chickens 

Being in the Philippines can be difficult at times when it comes to getting the things you like. examples are good large eggs and large chickens for cooking. Just by chance I seen a post in reference to Rhode Island Reds which is a breed of chicken I am familiar with. So I contacted them at Davao Heritage Poultry on Facebook and talked to a Mr Harold Regencia. He sent me a few photos of the chickens and the facility and I decided to purchase some for our small farm. 

At Davao Heritage Poultry
At Davao Heritage Poultry

I bought 3 Roosters and 11 Hen’s at the price of 2,000 Philippine Peso each. They were shipped by Cebu Pacific Air cargo to Legaspi City, Albay which is the closest airport that I could pick up live cargo at. 7 hours of travel from my place because I had to go around Lagonoy Bay, but totally worth it though. sadly the boat between Tabaco City and Caramoan no longer operate’s the route.

Their New Home in Barangay Agaas
Rhode Island Red Hens

This is just a starting point. I will build bigger pens and an out door enclosure so they have more space. I will breed them for eggs and meat. They are not as aggressive as the Local Native chickens. I can pick up and handle these without them trying to bite me. 

Here are some other pics from our Farm Area. 

3 Little Pigs
Donald and Daisy duck
Native Chicken Brooding her eggs
Was Camute, now preparing to plant rice again.

You can find Rhode Island Reds in the Philippines on Facebook @davaoheritagepoultry

Instagram @ladyanneregencia.

He ships them at around 4 months of age and orders fill quickly. please order well in advance.

Thanks for reading.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


Rice Harvesting Time

Here In Caramoan it is time to harvest the rice. I previously posted about the fields before when they were planting the fields. Now it is time to reap what they sow. Here is the update as promised.


This is one way to tell when the rice is ready, the stalk gets heavy and bends over. It will start to turn brown and dry out.


The Farmers cut the stalks and lay them in bundles as they go. when they Paddy is finished they will take these bundles and add them to a bigger stack to continue drying.

img_0825After the rice spends some time drying on the stalk the farmers will beat or rub the rice free from the stems.


After being separated it will go onto a mat and spread out for further drying until it is free of moisture and can be stored until it is milled.


From here it will be sent to the mill for the husks to be stripped off then stored in 50 kg sacks where it can stay dry. When needed it will be ready to consume.

couple hard working village elders.
The Carabao

The Carabao is a hard working asset to Filipino Farmers. It is used for plowing, pulling, riding, and fertilizing. Losing one of these can be a catastrophe to the poorer farmers. The are even tame enough that small children can move them around, climb up on them, and ride them around and they are not bothered by it.


To my readers, sorry I have not been posting much lately. I will try to be more frequent. Any writing suggestions or questions, feel free to ask.

The Camera used is a Canon Digital EOS 1200D with a Sigma Zoom Lens with hood 70-300mm, no filters.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Stepping Up Photography

Hello Again Ladies and Gentlemen. Sorry for the delay in my posts. I been furnishing a new apartment in Naga City piece by piece. So now when I go to Naga City I will not have to spend a lot any more on hotels at the rate of 1500+ peso per night, Especially during the fiesta in Naga City when rates are quadrupled. Now it is only 8000 peso a month.

I am Happy with my location. I am near Magsaysay Avenue where the night life is and the Basilica Church where they hold an English Mass. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room & Dining area, laundry area in the back and a long gated balcony and frontal area.

I have also been focusing on development of my Photography skills, I went a little over board and bought new lenses, filters, tripod, books, and other accessories. I am really loving it as a hobby. Wife is not too thrilled but she will survive. Would be nice to make money on it but that really don’t matter to me much. Here is a photo of where my hobby is at now. with the exception of a 70-300mm Sigma Macro lens that I just bought.


In Pili, Bicol, Philippines there was a Wake Boarding World championship Competition on the 29th through the 31st of October. My wife and I went on the 30th and took about 450 Photos. Here is a few.





So, how are my shots in this event? What do you all think? With these shots I was using a Canon Digital EOS 1200D with a EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS-STM Canon Zoom lens with Image Stabilizer, No filters, and a small JJC hood.

All Imaged were taken by me. No reproduction of these images are authorized without my written consent.