Guaiabero Parrot

Yesterday while at our Piggery I noticed a bird hoppin through the branches above; And to my surprise is was a Parrot. Check her out. 

Research took a while on Google. There are so many tropical birds that are green. The male of this species has a bluish face and the females have a yellow stripe around the back of the neck. 

Sorry for the image being dark. The pictures were taken in a moment of opportunity. These Photos were taken near Barangay Agaas, Part of the Caramoan municipality, Bicol, Philippines. 

She did not stick around long enough for me to adjust my location to her. 

And it’s bye bye. 

Camera Used is a Canon EOS 1200D, Sigma lens 70-300mm with hood attached. No filters.
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David Lee Martin

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Black Naped Oriole

This morning I woke up early thanks to Nature’s alarm clock, The Rooster…. 6 am, thanks buddy. So I took advantage of waking early and went out to take some nature shots. Here is an Oriole I captured in my lens. 

Photos are taken near Barangay Agaas, Part of the Caramoan municipality, Philippines. 

The Camera I used is a Canon DSLR EOS 1200D. The Lens is a Sigma 70-300mm with Macro. No filters, I used a hood to avoid lens glare.
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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Emerald Jewel Scarab Beetle

Today my wife found a beetle in front of the house and brought it to me. So I took some time and looked it up out of curiosity and thought I would share it. 

I looked on Google and Pinterest for it. It’s not too common of a find. It can be seen throughout Asia and some sites referred to it as a garden pest. It is also known as a Leaf Chafer Beetle.

As I was looking for it through search engines I was surprised that people collect these beetles and pay rediculous amounts for them in small glass frames. Not this one says me.

It’s underside is very beautiful and shiny. It’s not aggressive when handled. 

After I took the shots I put him in my wife’s planter on the balcony. He can live and leave as he likes.

Camera for the floor shots was my Canon EOS 1200D with Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens with Macro. The shots over the Dirt was with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

A Little Beetle

I am sitting on the Balcony as usual when I am bored when a bug lands on the back of my neck. I of course react quickly to remove it. I did not know what it was. Oddly enough it was a cool looking beetle. I never seen anything like it. It was no more than a 1/4 inch in size. Sadly I did damage it but I did not kill it.

img_3952The beetle had a metallic green look to it. I think it is very cool. I am not sure if it flew away or died off somewhere. It just had the misfortune to land on someone who really dislikes bugs.




I google searched, “Small green and black beetle in the Philippines,” and came up with a lot of beetles; but not like this one. Maybe it just has not matured to full typical specimen.

Camera used is a Canon EOS 1200D, Sigma 70-300mm lens with macro. no filters.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

White Collared Kingfisher

Today I was absolutely bored out of my mind and doing absolutely nothing productive. The weather just sucks at the moment. Raining on and off day after day. It’s raining season here in my part of the Philippines. So here I am, just sitting on my balcony in Barangay Agaas, Caramoan, Philippines; watching the day pass; out of the corner of my eye I notices a nice blue bird fly by and perch itself on a make-shift power line. So I pulled out my Camera bag and set it up. Here are a few photos that I took.

When you zoom in on the birds head he kinda has a pissed off look about him. I thought that was kind of cool. 

I knew it was a kingFisher of some type but was not sure the exact type. So I went on the best search engine, Google. I found him rather quickly. It is a White Collared Kingfisher. 

The camera I used is a Canon Digital EOS 1200D. Lens is a 70mm to 300mm Sigma. I used no filters. Just a hood to avoid any glare on the lens, and a cheaply made Vivitar tripod.

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Peña De Francia Church

Today I went for a walk to the Peña De Francia Church in Naga City, Camarines Sur, Bicol. I thought it was a bit further than it was; but it is probably no more or less than a quarter mile from my apartment in Naga City. I feel bad that I have not been there sooner. I really love old Churches; the architecture and their art work as I have shared in previous posts.

Nunn’s from India doing a pilgrimage

While taking shots outside the church the street kids approached me begging for money. I had already put my loose change in the donation box. Since I had no change to give the kids they used foul language… Terrible parents raising them. The have never learned to use proper polite language on Church grounds. The church is surrounded by a poverty stricken squatter type neighborhood. Perhaps I should not expect better of them.


The Nave of the Church is not very wide but it is fairly long. Along the wall there are the Stations of the Cross, Fans, and Flat Screen TV’s to help deliver the word of God. I am not fond of excess technology in the church; but I guess it may be cheaper than issuing and tracking bench Bibles.

Statue of the Peña De Francia

Looking around I seen the ceiling paintings. I found them to be quite nice. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to paint like this on a ceiling. I guess laying down on the job, on a scaffold.

Brass Light Fixture

I am a person who is fond of old things. I love antique shows, museums, and collectable heirlooms. These light fixtures really caught my eyes. To me it seemed obvious that these may not have always been electric. I might be wrong; but to imagine these with the Brass polished with legitimate slow burning candles in them must be a wonderful sight to imagine.  I would love to know how old these are.


Thanks to my followers who read and like my photos. If there is a place in Bicol or Southern Luzon you think I may be interested in seeing just let me know.



David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Typhoon Nina, Two Weeks after

I have traveled back and forth between Caramoan and Naga City, Bicol. Here are some of the Photos I have taken.


I apologize if some picture have some blurring. I was in a moving bus. Some photos are of collapsed and damaged homes and land.


Many roofs collapsed or blown off by the strong winds. Many schools were damaged. repairs are on-going.


The makeshift simple green houses for the schools agricultural department were blown apart.


Some schools were unable to resume as scheduled because of loss of their facilities.


Many farming communities were the worst hit because their homes were in open areas along the fields allowing the winds to hit them full force with out any wind breakage.


Coconut farmers were very badly hit. Many coconut trees now look like match sticks sticking up out of the ground. It will be a while before some of the coconuts will produce again. It took 11 days to bring power back to my neighborhood in Naga City and 18 days to bring power back to the Caramoan peninsula. Could have been worse.


Pray for a speedy recovery for the people and the land. Thank be to God that casualties were minimal regionally.


Until later, Thanks for viewing.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran