A Map as My Muse

Its been a few days since I have written because I have taken a trip to Manila with my wife. I did not get online much for anything. So I will skip a few days of WordPress University for the time being and I will go back to them for writing inspiration later. Today is day Seventeen of Blogger University. The subject is the title. 
Now this did bring back some memories from when I was still a soldier stationed in Germany while on active duty. On the weekends, my now ex-wife and I would travel around Bavaria trying different restaurants and seeing the sites. We would open an Esso tourist map book that we picked up at a gas station and look at the icons on the Legend page. We found the icons for castles and ruins and then would travel to one. I think in one year we probably put 50,000 kilometers on our old 2 door 1986 BMW 320i just in site seeing. 
A map is like a key itself. Once you know how to open it and understand it, it puts the world in your hands. I enjoyed Europe so much just from being able to read understand maps and the legend. I recommend a hard copy map book to be kept in any car. I understand most mobiles have GPS and google maps installed. But technology can fail, batteries die, you may have even accidentally dropped it or got it wet. 
Learn how to use a map. It can be rewarding, fun, and a life saver. 


Recreate a Single Day

Day Fourteen of Blogger University: Recreate a Single Day. 

Not much to this one. The day that I would recreate is the day that I met my first Ex-Wife in July of 1995… If I could I would have avoided her and found someone better. I have a blog already that summerizes her. “How I survived a toxic marriage.” That is the only day I have regretted for 21 years. There are some people that are poison and some that make you wished you ate poison and she is both.

Quoted Image is from Pinterest… 

A Cup of Coffee

Day Eleven of Blogger University is about Coffee. Which is nice. I love coffee. I generally have one to two cups of coffee a day. Always in the morning of course. But if it is cold outside I will pretty much drink it all day long.  I generally use a 12 to 16 oz. mug. 

Coffee cup from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

I prefer my coffee very strongly brewed. So strong that light can barely pass through the glass pot. I do drink it with a little milk and sugar. A habit I guess I took from stealing my moms coffee from the table at a young age. People generally complain that my coffee gives them heart burn. I just tell them that I did not invite them to drink it. It is kinda why I make it avoidable to others. No one chips in anyways until the coffee jar is empty.

If I am out and about I do try out the coffee shop blends. I am fond of mocha and french vanilla cappuccino’s. I like frozen frap’s as well when it is hot. While living in Germany I did get addicted to espresso. I would order one just to add it to my own coffee to give me the extra kick. I am not much of a morning person. 
How do you like yours?

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Let The Scene Write Itself

Day 10 of Blogger University. Subject is the same as the Heading.

Today’s scene here in the Beautiful Caramoan Peninsula is warm with heavy rains. Cannot really do much today on account of the weather. Powers gone off and on a few times. This blog I am posting from my mobile. Just testing the different formats to using wordpress because I will be travelling around sometimes and may want to share what I see on the spot. 


Rice field really filled up with water and if the locals are smart they will till it over in the next rain for the next rice crop. So this is pretty much my scene for the day.


Writing and Not Writing

Day 9 of Blogger University for wordpress. Skipped day 8. I did not find it appealing. So todays subject is writing and not writing, which was issued a few days ago. I am behind the power curve. 

Some days I have enough on my mind to write more than one post. Sometimes I sit a day or  two wondering what to write about next. I am already behind in this participating in Blogger University. I basically signed up with it for ideas and exercising my mind. This is the first post that I am doing from an ipad as well. 

I like reader participation because it gives me something to think about and respond to. So if you notice that I am not writing and posting then throw me a bone to chew on. Please, challenge my mind a little bit. I might also be working on a longer piece. Either way I do find this to be fun and a bit challenging. Before starting this blog the only thing I did writing on was inspection forms for military equipment. So finding a new craft has sparked the fuel in my mind… Now I just need to keep it burning. Thanks to all those who are reading my writing. 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Love this image. Found it on Pinterest.

Where I Stand

Where I Stand….
Some people are asking me where I stand on a few other debatable issues; other than the presidential 2016 race. So I will explain here what I think on what I been asked about and why. Agree or disagree, I don’t care. After all, this is my personal beliefs and everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions. please read my other blog posts and If you have an idea for discussion that I have not already done then ask me.
Abortion: I am 90% against abortion. Overall I believe in the right to life from the moment of conception. Everyone should be. Are you happy with your life? Then why do you think an unborn baby wouldn’t be. Yes, It is a horrible world we live in, but the one who got aborted could have been the great unifier of nations to come. It could have even been the one to end disease and poverty globally. We never know or will know. The other 10% is for children, young girls, or women who were molested or raped and medical emergencies. I would permit that because the choice was not theirs and hopefully the sadistic bastard who did it was shot and killed.
It should be illegal for someone to get abortion. They were irresponsible while having a good time or just don’t want their petit figure ruined. If you make it then take it. If you still don’t want the baby after it is born, then allow a couple who cannot have children adopt it. It should not be a womans right to murder, once the egg is fertilized and cells start dividing it becomes a living being. Liberals, Feminists, and Planned Parenthood have destroyed what the idea of family is about. If you still insist on having even just one Abortion; If you voluntarily go all the way through with an abortion, please get both of your Ovaries removed murderer. You will never ever be responsible enough for a child later on.
Religious Freedom: It is our First Amendment right. I believe all people have the right to practice their religions in a PEACEFUL way. When you become hateful and destructive with your belief, then I feel your faith or group should be dissolved. One example of a disgusting group of people is the Westboro Baptist Church. An Evil group of fake christians; a very un-American hate group. They are not even affiliated with the real Baptist churches or real Christians. When I see the protests that they have done I would feel privileged to legally kill them all myself.
Radical Islam is also a problem around the world. Being a War Veteran and contractor of Middle Eastern conflicts I know their faith well enough to dislike everything about it. The in-depth religion is horrible but there are good people born into it (moderates). If the American Founding Fathers seen them coming; I am sure the First Amendment regarding religion and freedom of speech would have been worded a little more carefully with regards to Islam. I do believe that Muslims, their Mosques, and their finances should be monitored tightly by multi-lingual non-muslims. Even the good ones can and will support the bad ones through the different types of jihad just to keep their hands clean.
United Nations: A worthless organisation ran by global elites. They want to control the world with a global force, control foreign economies, they decide who lives and who dies based on what the region can offer them economically. They avoided activity in Afghanistan until they learned the country was rich in precious minerals. I support the withdrawal of the United States from its partnership with the United Nations. I also support ending support to all UN activities including Charities. We can create new humanitarian charities with lower overhead and make sure charitable goods make it to where they really need to go.  I support kicking the UN Assembly out of the USA.
Terrorism: It is 99% related to Muslims. Sad as it may be, but true. Their 1% reverse claim will be the Oklahoma City Bomber was a white Christian which was political and had nothing to do with religion, and Israel with the ill-treatment of Palestinians. Which I believe is fucked up as well. But, Hamas and Hezbollah keep antagonizing Zionists and Jews, aka “the global elites.” The only way to stop Terrorism is to kill all of the Radical Muslims holding a weapon in hate. Kill everyone around them. Kill their human shields, their neighbors, their entire families, everyone who knew and supported what they were doing without putting a stop to it. Kill their financiers no matter where they are. Level the mosques where anti-west sentiment is preached while they attend prayer.
Cry Wolf, Cry foul, Cry Crimes against Humanity, Cry War Crimes at the Hague, Cry what you will. Something has to be done. If I had my way I would sweep the entire Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia killing every Radical Muslim Group that preached hate and that picked up a firearms, explosives, or chemicals. The only muslims with weapons should be a police or military force. The Moderate Muslims should be participating by policing their radicals on their own but the cowards don’t, so they need to outsource it to an outside Christian force to be the bad guys if necessary.
Racism: A touchy subject if ever there was one. I don’t deny that it exists, I know it does. Lately it has been glorified by liberal democrats and mislabeled. In the past Racism has been defined as someone who discriminates and hates people based on the color of their Skin. In recent years they have added that you are a racist if you just dislike Obama for his lack of leadership ability. Black Americans (not all) have become quick to label people racists just for not agreeing or thinking like they do. Even when the disagreement has nothing to do with race. So much ignorance has been dumped into people’s heads since 2008. I have never been racist. I considered many black’s, latino’s, and asian’s to be like my brothers and sisters; and to hear one call me a F—ing racist for disliking Obama or the BLM movement kinda breaks my heart. I would still fight and die beside these guys.
I am friends with many people all over the world of different races, religions, and nationalities. I would never treat any of them any less or more than I would for anyone else. I think I been fair, loving, and kind to just about everyone I have befriended and worked with. Growing up my first real girlfriend in California was a Mexican girl and her brother was my best friend, Alfredo Leon, a Mexican kid who struggled with English. My first long-term girlfriend in high school was half black. I did not care. I seen through that. People messed with me about it but I did not care. I was not raised racist and I did not let others influence me to be. I now live in South East Asia, The Philippines with My brown-skinned wife… I don’t understand how my friends race card works.
I believe hate groups like the Arian Race, Klu Klux Klan, Black Panther, and Black Lives Matter, and others like them should all be disbanded, made illegal, and their websites taken down. All apparel and symbols of what represents them should be confiscated and destroyed. Clothing outlets that sale clothes that represent hate towards other races should be shut down and clothing destroyed without compensation. Hate breeds hate. BLM has been commercializing hate in clothing. It needs to stop. They should not be allowed to assemble, riot, petition, or endorse any political candidates. Any activities found involving them should require prison time.
In the past 8 years race relations have done 180 degree turn because of old civil rights race baiter’s trying to breed hate for profit, politics, and race baiting in media. We been set back at least 50 years. I am hoping the next 4 years this will get fixed. I hate seeing a nation divided because of wicked politicians and the media’s bias propaganda. There has been enough finger-pointing and lies.
Monsanto: They are the master’s of the poison industry who went from killing insects, people, and vegetation to growing America’s crops by the masses. They are poisoning America with Cancer and disease-causing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) products. There are many sites where you can get a list of products who use GMO in it. It’s almost impossible to avoid it when shopping in big chain stores like Wal-mart or Meijer’s. Do your best to buy organic vegetables and free range meats, even grow your own in a back yard if you can. Please do your best to buy from local butchers and farmers markets and support local small business and entrepreneurs.
Monsanto has lobbyists everywhere stuffing money in pockets of corrupt politicians. America needs GMO labeling and Monsanto is fighting against it. Call, Petition, and demand that your state representatives put GMO labels on all food products.
Muslim Refugee’s and Immigrants’s: Easy! Send them Home to their countries of origin or to a rich Arab country; like Saudi, Kuwait, and Qatar. They have enough money and space to care for all of them. Kuwait just had a large housing boom and a decline in population. Hundreds of empty apartment buildings. Oil Rich Arabs are just selfish and know nothing of human rights and morals.
The US government can’t manage to care well enough for its’ Veterans, Blue collar workers, and Senior Citizens. We definitely cannot afford to support people who only come to be a burden, hate us, and commit acts of terrorism. Close the gates to the Muslims who don’t come supporting them-selves with proper work visa’s.
Any more ideas? Just throw me a reasonable topic. In the subject line in the email just put blog idea. Thanks for reading and I hope to have you back reading again.
David Lee Martin
Functional US Army Veteran