To Other Book Writers…

I have a question for authors. I am working on my first fictional book and I am trying to build the characters within my story. How do you as writers construct their personalities? Do you bring them just from your imagination or do you find friends and family as the inspiration to your characters traits? I just wouldn’t want anyone to feel offended if they realized I might have used their personality to develop a character in my story. Any Advice or Tips? 
David Lee Martin

US Army Veteran


My Thoughts On Immigration

Thoughts on Immigration Reform

A lot of great things have happened since President Donald Trump took office. Stocks are up, jobs are up and unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in a long time, crime rates are down, illegal immigration is down, unwanted insurance is no longer being crammed down peoples throats, salaries are up and taxes are lowered.

The issues that will be ongoing are immigration and anti-terrorism. Here I will give my thoughts on the current immigration crisis. I will cover a few things that many Conservatives agree with and Liberals will hate. Thats life isn’t it, you win some and you lose some. Even some Conservatives may not agree with the my methods of madness; but I am ok with that too. I never cared to please everyone; only to do what I feel is right legally, morally, and ethically.

First, my thoughts on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). It should have never existed. It was a bias program that was racist in nature. It did not benefit the American society as a whole. It was only designed to benefit Hispanic minorities; many of whom were not born in the United States. There are millions of US citizens of other races who could not benefit from DACA. Are America’s legitimate children citizens not Dreamers as well? I was not pleased about the bias ways Obama’s presidency one bit.

Second, Send illegal immigrants back home to their nation of origin. There are many immigrants applying for residency and work permits the legal way. When illegals come to the USA illegally they lower the quota’s that Embassy’s are allowed to approve through the state department. It makes legal immigrants wait longer. It is not fair for those who are not skipping the line.

Many of these Illegal immigrants are Criminals. They have committed murder, rapes, illegal weapons trafficking, illegal drug sales, many are gang members, forced prostitution, and human trafficking. They are a drain on the American tax payers. Many come and end up in jail or on welfare unable to legally work. Welfare is a privilege that should have never been allowed to anyone without a valid visa. Criminals should be implanted with a non-removable chip. That way they can not legally return on false documentation.

For the illegals immigrants who came and have not broken any laws other than immigration’s laws; I would give them 90 days after being identified to save up and go back to their native country before being forcibly deported. I would not yet black list them since they were probably trying to do what is best for their family. This will help them to survive in their native country while they apply to return legally.

Third, I agree with having a new secure wall; Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) should take advice from Israel. We need one that cannot be climbed or tunneled under. We need a merit based immigration system that only allows immigrants that will be beneficial to American society. Perhaps immigrants should start requiring sponsors. If a business hasn’t accepted them as labor already then they shouldn’t come.

If you have a legitimate problem with a foreigner and you suspect that he might be illegally within the United States; call immigration. That does not mean you should be a dick to your neighbor that you know is legal and just don’t like. Do not waste the time of immigration; but if you see something that is not right, do something, say something. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) can be reached at 1-866-347-2423.

My end Statement: I don’t mind foreigners coming to the United States seeking a better life for themselves and their families. I just ask the people come legally and with peaceful intentions. Pay taxes and be a contributing member of society. Don’t come if all you want is a free ride on the social systems and to drop off anchor babies as a reason to stay. For years I have believed that the United States should do away with Automatic Birth Right Citizenship. The only legitimate citizens should be born to parents where at least one parent is a United States Citizen already. Otherwise just give them a birth abroad certificate and give them ninety days to get the new child added to the Visa’s or sent to their nation of origin.

Let me know what your thoughts are? How would you manage immigration?

David Lee Martin
US Army Veteran

My Frustration With Radical Islam

I have become a firm believer that Islamic immigration need to come to a full stop. Years ago I use to believe like a dumb socialist liberal; that multiculturalism and a united world would be quite utopian in nature. Imagine, a world with no borders where everyone can get along. Sounds perfect doesn’t it. Kinda reminds me of the song by John Lennon, “Imagine.” A perfect world, a perfect society. Sadly it will never work; not in our lifetime anyway.

A man name Garry Davis had the same dream as I once did. A world with no borders. After World War 2 he denounced his US Citizenship and declared himself a World Citizen. I think his actions and efforts are really most noble. He founded the World Service Authority. Let’s get this clear; It has nothing to do with the New World Order that threatened Globalization! They don’t challenge sovereignty of Independent Nations. His organization helps refugees and stateless people get World Citizen passports and other forms of identification. They do so much more. Anyone can apply for a world passport there but many countries do not recognize it, but some do. You can view his info at

I do consider myself a Constitutionalist. I am a firm believer in the freedoms guaranteed under the all the Amendments of the United States Bill of Right. The 1st Amendment being one of the most important ones. Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Peaceful Assembly, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Petition the Government, and Freedom of Press. The key word that should have been applied to it should be Freedom to practice a Peaceful Religion.

As I got Older I learned more about the world that Social Studies and World History classes did not teach. That is the violent indoctrination that came with a certain religions and governments around the world. Education in America is very misleading when it is Socialist Liberals in control of what is printed and taught to children up to the 12th grade of school. Be thankful for modern technology. The Internet and smart phones puts the world of information in your hands. You can get a better education from a mobile phone now than you can from an American College or University. You just need to apply yourself and seek the knowledge you desire.

New Media Outlets themselves have become Propaganda machines and misleading. They take the side of who gets the ratings and who funds them. If you want to get the truth about global events you need to look for independent news outlets. Forget CNN, AL Jazeera, Sky News, and MSNBC. They are all bias garbage.

Now, back to why I feel Islamic immigration needs to stop. Their values and indoctrination to their belief system is not compatible with European or American society. Islam with their beliefs of Shariah are too third world and barbaric for a civilized society. They are taught to not respect other religions. They are taught that women are only as accountable as half a man. They kill homosexuals by tossing them from roof tops or dragging them behind vehicles. They participate in sexual slavery and slavery in general. They believe in Stoning women for being raped, molested, or disobedient. They decapitate criminals and kill those who try to leave the religion of Islam. Although many Arab countries have established laws to be compliant with the United Nations, the only laws their society will recognize is Islamic Shariah Law. Shariah itself is a crime against humanity in its doctrine.

The European Union has been struggling for almost two decades with Radical Islamists coming in the form of political refugees and asylum seekers. These so called refugees come with training in terrorism. Gunmen, bomb makers, propagandists, radical clerics and Imams, and communicators. A hand full of these refugees that come with their families in tow may be legitimate; but when you see the crowds of these immigrants on the move you see 95% are men; Not children or women.

These refugees are grooming young girls and raping women. They are beating old people on the streets, buses, and trains. They are verbally insulting, robbing, and attacking men and women in public for not conforming to their beliefs. Acid attacks on women and stabbings have become a normal blotter crime in many cities. Cities in Europe are becoming unsafe for their own citizens. There are no-go zones where the police officers cannot go because of Muslims. Non-Muslims are being murdered in this invasion of Radical Islamist.

Leaders of the European Union have put their citizens in danger; and for what? More tax revenue to push their globalist Socialist cause? For people of Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom life has been hell. Curfews had to be implemented to protect women and children after it got dark. This is Insane. France needed a good leader and they almost had one. Marine Le Pen would have been a real leader for France. It was their only real hope. Instead they got a globalist loser. France should have had a recount to see how many ballots were legal. Same in Germany. I lived in Germany 8 years and have only met 2 or 3 people who even like Angela Merkel. I think their election was full of fraud. Merkel is a big pusher of this Islamist movement that hardly anyone there wants. She is a globalist and most likely a Manchurian candidate.

Italy has just elected a new leader who promises to stop Islam Immigration through Italy and promises to deport hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants. I wish him so much success. The new party in Germany, Alternative For Deutschland (AFD) is also gaining momentum. The recent polls put their party ahead of Merkel’s. The Germans are also tired of the abuse ignored by their liberal socialist government. Sadly Sweden is pretty much at a civil war with Islam and its government is scared. A bunch of feminists in power who can’t make the rational decisions that male politicians would have done already. In the UK if you speak the truth about Radical Islamist it can get you put in jail for hate speech. The Liberals there sweep Islamic crimes and activities under the rug and punish its own citizens for addressing their concerns. Nothing is worse than a government that allows their Citizens to suffer just to appear politically correct.

Islamic Immigration needs to be halted everywhere. Turn the boats around, deny entry visa’s, deny visa renewals, and deport illegal Muslims who over stay their visa. Monitor mosques and deport hate preachers; shut them down if need be. I hate to write like this. Twenty years ago I would not care. I have known many good Muslims growing up. I even had one who was a teacher. No problem. But now as they migrate in the masses; they bring murder, rape, abuse, paedophilia, terrorism, and a anti-semitism. These people claim to leave their old shit-hole countries to have a better life; but every where they go they create a new shit-hole that looks like the third world shit-hole they ran away from. Good civilized societies don’t deserve this. They deserve better. Something people from Islamic countries could never be equal to.

My experience with Islam is not just based on what I see on the television or read on the Internet. I have been a first hand witness to their lifestyle. I served in the US Armed Forces. I was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. I had 3 deployments to Iraq and Kuwait and have been all over the Middle Eastern countries. After my time in service I returned to the Middle East as a defense contractor for 6 years. I stayed mostly in Kuwait which is a cultural melting pot. Muslims of every nation and sect are working there. The country in its residential areas for Non-Kuwaiti’s are dumps. The place is diseased, foul in odors, and appearance. It not something I would wish on any place civilized. It is severely poorly managed as far as environment and public works is concerned.

It is best to divert this Islamic Immigration to other Muslim countries where they will fit in best. Let them kill each other there. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not have any meaning to any of the Arab nations unless its to push their Islamic invasion agenda. I feel bad for the lives of good Muslims being ruined by the bad ones. For there to be peace in the Middle East the Moderates will have to fight the Radicals. Sadly they refrain because the Radicals are doing exactly what the Islamic holy books; The Quran, Hadiths, and the Surahs teach.

If you are from one of these places please let me know what you think. My heart goes out to those in Europe who are suffering at the hands of these so called “refugees” committing all these crimes because they think it is their Islamic right. This isn’t a cultural misunderstanding. This is who they are. Call me intolerant. I am okay with that because civilized people should not have to tolerate any of this abuse in their own neighborhoods and cities.

David Lee Martin
U.S. Army Veteran

My Thoughts on Gun Control

My Beliefs on Gun Control

In light of recent events I have decided to express my thoughts on the continuing debate of gun control. In recent months there have been a few shootings; one in particular could have been avoided completely if certain agencies would have done their job. Seventeen kids would be alive today if it were not for the FBI.

The shooters preferences have been the Armalite Rifles. Usually just referenced as an AR-15’s. There are many versions of this semi-automatic rifle do to the variety of accessories available. They are reliable, accurate at good distances, and have magazines of different capacities. Most of the uneducated citizens have been brain-washed by the leftist supporting media into believing the AR stands for Assault Rifle. It indeed does not. Assault is an action. It is a Verb. Something that you do. AR stands for Armalite Rifle.

Do I believe there needs to be more “Gun Control Legislation?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are plenty of Arbitrary Laws already being enforced in different states by law enforcement officers who are breaking their oath to defend the constitution, many of which are violations of 2nd Amendment rights. There are over 300 Million guns in United States of America. This includes Civilians, Law Enforcement, and the Military. This is based on a Google search. To impose new laws and restrictions on millions of law-abiding firearm owners is not only unethical; it is also unconstitutional.

The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Let’s break it down to where it applies to the individual person.

(The right of the people), THAT’S EVERY UNITED STATES CITIZEN. Lets repeat that last word. CITIZEN. This does not include illegal foreigners or those with residency or work permits until they have become a UNITED STATES CITIZENS. When you take the OATH OF CITIZENSHIP then welcome aboard.

(To keep and bear arms), That firearms capable of Hunting, Sporting events, Self-Defense, Defense of Home, Defense of Others, and Defense from a Tyrannical Government. In this case the Tyrannical Government is the Liberal Socialist Democrats who want to unethically and illegally disarm millions of law-abiding people for the actions of a handful of criminals and the insane.

(Shall not be Infringed.) This is the key part the dumb corrupt government officials and indoctrinated liberals have a problem with and understanding or accepting. An infringement is defined as: 1. The action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation. 2. The action of limiting or undermining something.

They cannot legally make laws creating gun-free zones, They cannot restrict the type of firearms or modifications you can own. Even requiring a license or permit to carry is an infringement. These are forms of limiting what rights you have and what you can do.

Without the 2nd Amendment the other rights in the constitution would slowly be stripped away. Freedom of Speech and Press is already being punished by Liberal Socialist Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Google.

What do I think should be done? I think prior to being able to Take a Firearm home there should be a day or two discussing a few subjects. 1. Fundamentals of Marksmanship. 2. Constitutional Rights. 3. States Laws in regards to defensive use. 4. Consequence of breaking the laws with use of firearms. 5. Safe storage from secondary users and prevention from accidental discharge. 6. Encourage frequent use at ranges and join gun clubs and associations. An owner of a firearm should stay comfortable and confident in their choice of firearm. After the classes and range sessions they can be given a state certified certificate and it can also be put in a database that dealers and law enforcement has access to.
Before being able to take a firearm home they should also spend a few sessions at a range firing the type of firearm they intend to purchase. They should be confident and comfortable with it. They should be able to zero it to their sight picture. The biggest mistake many gun owners have is buying a firearm out the case without actually firing it first. They took a gun safety course and assume guns are all the same. They most certainly are not.

Gun dealers should be responsible in who they sale guns to as well. Make sure people who are buying a gun getting it for the right reasons and uses. Buyers should have a clean criminal background check. And that the customer gets a firearm that he/she is safe and comfortable with firing.

I also think that Mental Health Professionals and Law Enforcement agencies need to work more closely together. Other than the mass murderers choice in rifle being common, they all were also on psychological medications which means they had instability issues as well. If the Psychiatric doctors work more closely with law enforcement these kind of people may not get their access to firearms and more people would be alive today. This does not mean everyone should be getting psychological evaluation. Most people with psychological issues are already identified before they are 18 in most cases.

Society as a whole needs to be vocal in preventing the wrong people from being armed. This does not mean violate every ones ones right. The teachers at Parkland, Florida and his class mates all knew Nikolas Cruz had issues and have heard him and seen him make comments saying he would someday do what he did. Police Failed, FBI Failed, and Society Failed, Gun Control Laws did not. If you witness something; Do Something, Say Something.

The younger generation in America, Generally born mid 90’s and after have serious respect issues. They don’t want to respect others. The millennial generation as they are referred to as have been indoctrinated to be anti-constitution, Anti-American, Anti-democracy, Anti-free speech, and hateful toward Christians and Jews. These kids have serious problems. Parents have failed them and liberal socialist teachers have brainwashed them. Most have no common sense. They have no respect for civil Authorities. They created the ANTIFA movement which really is a Fascist movement by definition of their Actions. Many of these are real home grown terrorists. The government needs to data base their members and supporters and keep their hands off of legal firearms and try their best to prevent them from obtaining illegal arms. These kids are just out in Far Left Field and are a danger to civil society.

Every disarmament in the 20th Century lead to Genocide and Mass Murder by their own governments. China, Cambodia, Germany, and Russia just to name a few. The best thing every American can do is stop voting for Liberal Democrats, Vote for conservatives instead, support the US Constitution, Support Civil Rights Organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA), defend the 2nd Amendment. Fight against Socialism and support your nations Sovereignty.

Some people are saying the Federal Government should raise the firearm purchase age to 21. I FULLY DISAGREE!

1. Women are being raped on college campus’s regularly. Most of these students are under the age of 21. Without having a way to defend themselves many more women will be raped and murdered. Disarmament and infringements would only encourage more. Gun-Free zones are the dumbest thing Liberals have ever come up with. Criminals do not obey laws and Gun-Free zones support their lifestyle.
2. Since America founded its own Military Service Branches; 17 and 18 year old men have joined the military and have been considered mature enough to learn how to safely and effectively fire hand guns, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, shoulder fired rocket launchers, tanks, missiles, and throw grenades. I am a US Army Veteran myself. I know what these young men are capable of and mature enough to handle. To assume that civilians of the same age group are incapable of learning how to fire the basic style of firearms is ridiculous. Denying a civilian young man or woman at 18 years of age the right to arm themselves is unethical, morally wrong, and unconstitutional. If you think your own child for one second is incapable of being mature enough for firearms at this point in their life then you have ultimately failed at raising them as a parent or they are mentally retarded in some way.

America really need to focus more on family values, parents need to teach their kids to respect others and how to respect human life, and maybe even finding the Christian religion again for some. Parents and the methods of how they are raising their kids is the biggest problem in America. They are not disciplining their children. They are spoiling them. Liberals are a bunch of self-righteous self-centered, greedy, lazy, want everything for nothing self-entitled dirt bags. Humanity is dying because none of this is being taught. Our nations youth, for the most part, are not being raised properly.

Another issue is the media. You have the liberal media purposely dividing America racially and religiously. They build hate so they will have something to sell the public. Peace does not sell, blood does. They shame the Christians for being too moral while they shade Islamic tendencies, Terrorist activities, and hate for the western culture while wanting to invite more in. America’s youth is being desensitized by the violence on the television, The violence and graphics of video games, the derogatory and explicit lyrics in music. Showing real war footage without blurring out details of the bodies. This messes with some peoples heads. It destroys the conscience. Nothing they will see as they get older will bother them of effect them. It will no longer be an issue that matters.

Let me know what your thought are on these issues.

David Lee Martin

Functional US ARMY Veteran

Noticing Poverty

I had just spent a week in Naga City. A city in the province of Camarines Sur, Philippines. Sadly poverty can bee seen here just about everywhere here in the Philippines. There are relief groups scattered throughout the Islands but I don’t think that their efforts are very impacting. 

While shopping at the SM supermarket I noticed a young boy asking his mom to buy a small drink in the cooler section near produce. It was a fruit drink and didn’t cost much. I took a look a while after they left. It was about 20 pesos or so. Anyways she kept saying no and he was very disappointed with his mom. 

As they were walking away I was looking at his young mother. She looked about 20-22ish in age. He may have been 4 or 5. I had taken a look at her clothing and quickly felt bad for them as most foreigners do when they haven’t experience that level of poverty. Her shirt was worn thin with holes wearing through in different parts and near sewing seams. Her bra was only half clasped in the back, maybe the catch had finally wore out. Her shorts were cut off blue jean pants which had additional holes and not the stylish kind. On her rough feet she had an old pair of cheap flipflop’s that her heals have almost worn through. I felt bad for her and her little boy. 

In her buggy she had only a few items. I really couldn’t make out what it was. I can only imagine that she was spending what little they had available. Hopefully she has the help of the father. But in many cases here, probably not. 

This can be seen just about everywhere around here. One just needs to open their eyes. It’s sad. Hopefully one day their luck will change. I would like to see the Philippines come out of being a 3rd world country burdened with poverty and such sad cases. If I could help them all I would but I am not rich, the government, or an NGO. If this place would ever take common wealth status from the United States their luck might change for the better.

I think the government could do more to help their citizens, but I think they like the division of social casts. Like India, the poor stay poor and the rich get richer. 

All around I see second hand clothing shops with clothes in almost new condition and often wonder if some local politician took donated goods for the poor from abroad and decided to profit on them. I really don’t see how there can be so much second hand goods to sell when there are so many people without and in need.

Thanks for taking the time to read. It’s been a while since I posted anything. I kinda been chilling at home in Caramoan or my apartment in Naga City. I have been lacking motivation lately. Email me if you want my thoughts on any issue’s.
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Baby Guaiabero Parrot

A little boy came by my house with a little surprise. His brother had given him a baby bird that fell out the Mango Tree near his house. It wasn’t injured so it must not have fell far. I offered to buy it from him but he refused to sell. I told him it eats fruits like Guava’s.  He said they were feeding it banana. That’s OK too.

It’s a baby male Guaiabero Parrot. The female has yellow mixed in the feathers and the males blue. On the tips of the developing feathers around his body you can see a few small bits of blue. I shared photos of a matured female a few months ago on a post. 

I need to diet more….

Lucky kid. 
David Lee Martin

Wishing to Sail the Seas

Something I have always wanted to do was go sailing. To be able to just throw my gear and provisions on a boat and just go where ever I pleased for next to nothing; to just disappear for years and visit the countries that I have not been to yet. I have been to 15 countries so far thanks to serving in the U.S. Army and after serving I went into defense contracting in the Middle East.

Gemini Catamaran
A Wonderful Shallow Draft

The idea of owning a boat seems great until you see the costs of a good sail boat. Whether it is a monohull (traditional boat) or a multihull (catamaran) the cost can be quite insane. More than most homes. But it is understandable, a lot has gone into making sea-worthy boats that are safe. They include floatation devices, life rafts, dinghies, crash lockers in the hulls, radar, sonar/depth finder, fish finders, GPS, auto-pilot, and so on. 

Cockpit and Control Station

After watching nearly a hundred plus videos on youtube on the differences of hull designs, performance, and capabilities, I have decided that I really want to own a Catamaran. I could easily live on it without a problem. They can be outfitted with many accessories. Many have solar panels, wind generators, and fresh water filtratation systems to include trapping rainwater. They can be equiped to have up to 5 berths, a few heads, a galley for cooking, and a cockpit on the back for relaxing in. Catamarans can be a self-sustaining home. I just want a simple one; 2 berths, 2 heads, and plenty of storage. The only down fall is head room. I am 6 feet and 4 inches tall. That’s the boat life I guess. They have multiple layout options.

The catamarans I think I will most likely ever afford some day might be the American made Gemini series. They are more reachable to the common man. 

Interior Lounge and Dining Area
Gemini Catamaran

The photos I used here on this post I found on Pinterest by searching, “Gemini Catamarans.” To me this is kinda like the poor man’s yacht. It’s enough for me to enjoy life a little more if ever I could afford it. Simple luxury without the super high costs. 

Not sure if a Gemini.

The Multihull boats have a much shallower draft than monohull’s do which means they can get closer to shore safely. That’s great if travelling with family and young children. You are basically able to lift rudders and back up to the beach and step into the shallows. 

The Catamaran seems to be the best choice for me all around. I will keep my eyes open online and maybe some day I will get my chance to afford one. My primary income is only disability from Veterans Affairs. Hard to afford much with that. So for now I will just chill.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran