Fake Soldiers and Scammers

This one is for the Filipina’s who try to meet guys online. Could count for others as well. This is for your Safety and Well-being. On numerous occasions through the years, Ladies tell me about “soldiers” they meet online. Knowing I was in the service they ask me true or false questions pertaining to someone they met online.

These so-called soldiers are asking these poor ladies for help…. Money… Most of the time they say they are stationed in Africa, South West Asia, and sometimes South East Asian Islands somewhere. They will make them feel so loved, wanted, and like a soul mate with such sweet words through chat, email, and conversations. Pay attention to his SPELLING and GRAMMAR. If it does not look or sound like proper English, then he probably is not who he says he is.

They sometimes claim they need money to process papers, Money for travel expenses, help for loved ones, a bad bank card, or medical bills. These ARE NOT REAL SOLDIERS.

  1. Paperwork processing in the Military is FREE to soldiers.
  2. The Military handles all travel arrangements for FREE for the soldiers in times of R&R Leave and Family emergency situations.
  3. Medical Care for soldiers is provided at NO COST to the soldier and health insurance is provided for their immediate family and dependents.
  4. Soldiers get a good Salary and DO NOT need to borrow money from any Asian woman from a 3rd world country, like the Philippines, or from any OFW anywhere else for that matter.
  5. All his meals are provided by a dining facility. He does not need a food allowance.
  6. If this so-called fake soldier claims his Bank ATM card does not work where he is, he STILL HAS ACCESS to money. The military has finance office detachment on almost every base or camp. He can go there and ask for a “Casual Pay.” What that is, he will get a pay advance and it will be deducted from his next salary.
  7. These guys may also say they lost their ID Card or wallet and need you to send to a “Friend.” Likely his real Identity.
  8. These guys steal soldiers photos from Facebook profiles, They build an identity around it and they will fool you. They themselves probably bought uniforms at surplus stores or took them from Vehicles they bombed.
  9. If any of the above happens and you think he is a real soldier, ask him for his military email address. It will end with “.mil” if so, report him. army.cid.crime.tips@mail.mil or http://www.cid.army.mil

So if you are talking to Someone you met in a group on Facebook or anywhere else who claims to be a soldier and he starts asking for money for things I mentioned above, delete him, block him, and report him to the group admins. These guys could be scamming to better themselves or to Finance and Support Terrorism. Do not allow yourself to be used, and be assured, you are not his only target.

Try to avoid association with people from Africa, Middle East, and South West Asia, like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. People from Muslim countries in general. They are most likely trying to fund terrorist groups.

Please Share this post and feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Post Script…. The following was donated by a Filipina who was scammed by a fake soldier. Both documents are fake to include the ID.  This ID is all wrong in set up and information on it. Watch out for these guys. When something like this happens. Report it.

These guys will be sweet talking and tell ladies everything they want to hear. I love you, I miss You, You are the one for me, I need you in my life, blah blah blah, you get my point.  They will mostly target vulnerable women. Women who are single mothers, from poor countries, and overseas working away from families. Many desperate for a western husband to save them from their lives of poverty. They will promise paying back with interest. They will promise visits. They even claim to be looking for a wife. Some are even dumb enough to say the Army has a marriage department or office and that they need money for processing paper work for permission to marry.

We as soldiers and Veterans are very close to those we served with and deploy with. We are like extended family to one another. We will have other soldiers and Veterans on our friends lists and also be part of Veteran and military groups on Facebook. If a, “soldier
” adds you and he has no other American soldiers or Veterans on his friends list, not part of any military or veteran groups, Then he is likely a fraud or scammer.

If he refuses to go on CAM with you then fully expect a fake. Soldiers are allowed to use cams in their quarters, MWR facilities, and open areas that are not showing equipment for communicating with family and loved ones.

Never give these guys your banking details, your home address, or passwords to anything. They don’t need it for any reason. AAFES always has western union capabilities. (Army & AirForce Exchange Services)

Don’t be stupid ladies. keep your eyes open for details. See his Facebook name verses whats on the uniform. Many scammers steal someones photos and forget to match the name. Also all military ID photos will be taken in an office, usually with a blue background, not outside. Photos are taken with a special computer with face recognition software, finger print scanner, and demographics details installed on the chip.


26 thoughts on “Fake Soldiers and Scammers

      1. hola una pregunta el certificado de fiance request form es para que salga el certificado de matrimonio ayudame porque eso me han enviado


  1. Yup..sir..i bn experienced like this of all u said..bt i have a mind too..and pretending to love him so much..and at the end i found him that he is an African scammer..hhh


  2. I ezperienced that also year 2011.i was new on online dating…i believe to him. His name he used is: Brig. Gen. KENNETH WILSBACH, assigned in Afghanistan. he talk to me for a month, until he ask dor a money for his son who is studying in ghana. Since i was new on online dating and i thought he is true. Also i was newly in deep heart pain of my separations to my ex live in partner…i believe with him. And i almost give him $1500USD. Its on my laptop our conversations and his pic. I will send it to you.


  3. How do I add another person that is a fake to ur site he trying to scam a friend of mine here in the Philippines but he not a real soldier. .thanks.


    1. There are just so many to add. They are Africans in Nigeria, Ghana, and some in Afghanistan scamming. Pretending to be American soldiers. This is how terrorists like boco haram and the Taliban get their funding.


  4. Good day,
    I met a man on a dating site who said that his money in Ghana is in a bank to be transferred to my account because the bank has difficulties. I had to pay money to the bank for the processing of the papers so that works. Since he has no parents and no relatives except a very old uncle and a little daughter no one could help him. He says that he can not send money from Afghanistan because the country is very broken and where he is not working but that he has the money. He has sent me over forty pictures of himself and his daughter and also other soldiers. Do you think it is a fraud? It does not kill me to know the truth. he said he’s from Broocklyn and his phone number is really from NYC. Please help me I am desperate. Olga from Germany


    1. The US Bases have western union facilities the the PX. They have since around 2005 in Iraq and Afghanistan. If he lost his wallet or bank card he can go to the Military finance office and get a Casual Pay. He will get a certain amount and they will deduct it from his Salary. Keep in mind that Terrorist get funding by scamming people. These terrorists come from everywhere. ISIS has recruited American and European Muslims. Never send money overseas to any soldier for any reason unless you are related or know him personally. All paperwork transactions are free and all transport to and from deployment zones are free and provided for.


  5. Yes I think I’m being scammed I met a guy on Facebook he claims to be a soldier he’s asked me to request emergency leave for him and at the bottom of the form I have they are asking for money in the amount of 1,480.00 dollars to acquire a flight ticket. David Samuel Rodriguez is the name he gave he even gave me a tag # 7759

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  6. Can a scammer using Us phone number? How a scammer using Us phone number if using the computer not by the cell phone? Is true a millitary man they give a house?


    1. No. While in service they can get on base housing if they are married. But it is not theirs to keep. Scammers are everywhere. Mostly muslims. This is how they are supporting terrorism. They will use every method possible. No soldier should ever ask anyone for anything. Every thing they need is provided.


      1. How can we know is the man is real working in the millitary or is he a scammer? Isnt bad image for a millitary if a scammer using their name? How can they use people photo?How did a scammer steal it if it isnt the people put their photo on the web?


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