Rhode Island Red Chickens 

Being in the Philippines can be difficult at times when it comes to getting the things you like. examples are good large eggs and large chickens for cooking. Just by chance I seen a post in reference to Rhode Island Reds which is a breed of chicken I am familiar with. So I contacted them at Davao Heritage Poultry on Facebook and talked to a Mr Harold Regencia. He sent me a few photos of the chickens and the facility and I decided to purchase some for our small farm. 

At Davao Heritage Poultry
At Davao Heritage Poultry

I bought 3 Roosters and 11 Hen’s at the price of 2,000 Philippine Peso each. They were shipped by Cebu Pacific Air cargo to Legaspi City, Albay which is the closest airport that I could pick up live cargo at. 7 hours of travel from my place because I had to go around Lagonoy Bay, but totally worth it though. sadly the boat between Tabaco City and Caramoan no longer operate’s the route.

Their New Home in Barangay Agaas
Rhode Island Red Hens

This is just a starting point. I will build bigger pens and an out door enclosure so they have more space. I will breed them for eggs and meat. They are not as aggressive as the Local Native chickens. I can pick up and handle these without them trying to bite me. 

Here are some other pics from our Farm Area. 

3 Little Pigs
Donald and Daisy duck
Native Chicken Brooding her eggs
Was Camute, now preparing to plant rice again.

You can find Rhode Island Reds in the Philippines on Facebook @davaoheritagepoultry

Instagram @ladyanneregencia.

He ships them at around 4 months of age and orders fill quickly. please order well in advance.

Thanks for reading.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


5 thoughts on “Rhode Island Red Chickens 

  1. Hey, it is one of my dreams to have a farm filled with animals and organic plants and live a simple life with them. Agriculture is a very lucrative livelihood in the country and I think one of the reasons farmers are still poor is because they lack the necessary business skills.

    I think the price for each chicken is worth it..they look so big and healthy.

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  2. I want to buy 10 hens and 3 roosters and shipped by cebu pacific live cargo to Legazpi city.
    How much will be the total cost of the chicken and including payment for the cargo .

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