Nissan Navara Sport Edition 

As from my post the other day I had mentioned that I was in the Market for a new Vehicle. Just by chance, my last day in Naga, the local dealers had switched their display models in SM Mall. Today Nissan displayed their NP300 Navara 2.5 4×4 VL SP which is priced at PHP 1,656,000 cash. That is $35,675 US. 

After sitting in the Navara I had a better feel for it than I did for the Ford. I had more leg space and the driver seat was more comfortable. But how is it for actual utility or work use? That I don’t know. 

This paticular one is 4×4 with an electronic transfer. Something new to me by far. I am use to fighting with the sticking of transfer shift levers and sometimes manually locking hubs in military vehicles. This ease of access in modern technology truly is a blessing when needed.

Some of the features I like are the: fog lamps, step sides, roof rail, plastic bed liner, back-up camera system with sensors, 80 liter fuel tank, 7 speed Automatic transmission with manual mode, front and rear air conditioning, and a USB and speaker cable jack for sound system accessories.

What do you readers think? What is your favorite mid-size pick-up brand or model of choice?
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


The 2016 Ford Ranger

I recently decided to buy a new vehicle. Something affordable and practical that can be used for work, hauling things, and family use. So I am taking a look at the Ford Ranger series. I would prefer the F150 but they no longer sell that line in the Philippines.

These pictures are from Google Search.

I was looking to buy directly with cash with a budget of about $18,000 – $20,000. It has been a long time since I bought a new vehicle. Inflation kinda slapped me around a bit, international import tarifs might also have play in the cost. The cheapest model I am considering to buy is the Ford Ranger XLT with automatic transmission at a cost of PHP 1,279,000 ($27,500 +/-). I refuse to finance anything, especially in the Philippines. Banks here they rob the people with financing. With their 5 year plan; if I were dumb enough to finance, the total would be PHP 1,844,370. So it looks like I will be pinching pennies for a few months. Maybe I will be looking at the 2017 models when I am ready.

My philisophy is that if I did not already need it to survive already, then I don’t really need it. I just want it. It is always best to save your earnings and pay cash. It just takes a lot of discipline. In the end you will thank yourself. It will feel like an earned accomplishment. That brand new car smell is more gratifying when you sit inside and know you owe no one for interest and financing. That it’s 100% yours; paid for with hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, and especially patience And self-discipline. 

Automatic Transmission

What are your thoughts on Mid-size trucks? What brand do you prefer or would you recommend? I like Fords because they have always been known to be good American farm trucks and reliable when properly maintained. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran