Equality Between Men and Women

After much thought I decided to write my thoughts about it. Don’t be upset, its just my opinion. This must really be looked at with an open mind. Men are usually shafted and women want and expect too much. Men are usually on the short end of the stick when it comes to gender rights. Women expect to get their way because of their gender and they usually do.

The first issue is the pay gap women claim is unfair. In such jobs as Fast food and casual dining restaurants I can understand equal pay. However more laborious fields like warehouse work and construction no. How about equal pay for equal effort. Women don’t tend to be able to do all the things physically that a man can do. Sounds sexist I know. But unless the women is a transgender or on steroids; the typical woman is not as strong.

I have no problem working for women. If they have the job knowledge to manage and direct then fine, good for them. I can respect the position if they know what they are doing and successful at it. However I don’t believe women should be promoted or given a raise based on preferential treatment. I seen it many times in the military.

Another issue is Parental rights and custody. Most men I know did not get custody of their kids in their divorces. Even when the wife was not working she still managed to get the kids and the man must pay ridiculous amounts in child support. She is a burden on the welfare system and the ex-husbands wallet. Sympathy is generally reserved for women. The old fashioned attitude that children belong with their mothers is out dated and harmful in some situations. My daughter Emily would agree.

Men are abused by Child Support agencies and courts. Most men not being left with enough of their salaries to be able to live normally. Many men are homeless and living with a friend or relative just to survive and make ends meat. Its a burdening issue for men. They can’t afford to better their education or take time off of work to go to school.

Women can pick and choose when and if they want to be a responsible parent or not with as much as a appointment at an abortion clinic. Men don’t get the option; they are forced. Then if they are unable to pay they get passports, licenses and certifications revoked. Really, how in the hell does that help? It’s wrong to revoke items required to find work. Especially a passport where higher paying employment may be overseas. The gender role system is rigged against men.

I am pro-life. I am against abortion. Now here is something to think about. Women say abortion is a right and a health issue. But if a man doesn’t want a baby he has no choice. He is left liable and responsible for a child he may not want. However the only real issue a woman generally has is the fear of her hips spreading, a fatter ass, a few stretch marks, and responsibility. I think for as long as abortion is an available option for women then Child support for men should also be abolished and only an optional. If a woman can choose if she wants to be responsible or not then men should have that same right as well. Equality right? What about a mans health psychologically or physically?

The only time I would agree with abortion is if it truly is a medical emergency resulting in death, a handy cap birth, or a case of child molestation and endangerment. My mother had me when she was 15 and my brother when she was 20. She never received a dime from either fathers. I know the world will not stop turning.

When will there really be fair and equal treatment for men? I can imagine that there is someone who will read this and think I am wrong as can be. Most likely women will think the worst of me. Most women don’t care about men when they are at the advantage. I know I will catch hell for this. But ask men who are on the suffering end.

Please watch the video.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

David Lee Martin
Functional US army Veteran


Drop The Mexico Border Wall

This is an opinion piece.

What if we could drop the wall completely and absorb Mexico to Join the United States? Its a thought. Don’t think of me as a Liberal. I am an Idealist. I am also very conservative. It would be a hell of a process, but unity can be achieved. This would actually save money and reduce deficit if done right. Here are some of my thoughts on this issue.

The wall is Estimated to cost between 12 to 15 billion US Dollars. In my opinion It would be cheaper to absorb Mexico, let them adopt the dollar. The US government can open multiple social security offices there so they can get a tax payer ID or Social Security number and start paying into the US tax system. Understandably it can’t happen all at once. I would put a 18 month transition period on it.

This would also save money from being wasted on deportations, Immigration departments, border patrols, and prison spaces. With this there will also be less immigration if they have what they need at home.

This would open up many markets. Current Americans will be able to move to Mexican territories and buy property and invest there, and they could in turn do the same in US. Students can also access more schools.

The market on textiles, agricultural, and automotive goods will be eased. There would no longer be an import and export tax. Goods can flow both ways with ease.

I would keep Current border check points in place only to stop the flow of illegal drugs. Vehicles will be inspected by dogs and x-ray occasionally when needed.

For Illegal Mexicans already in the US, they will have to go back to Mexican territories to get their citizenship and tax ID sorted before returning to US. This also ensures there will be less people making US Dollars without contributing to the system. Employers who are caught employing citizens without the tax ID or Social security number sorted will be penalized.

Families that have been divided by the wall will be able to reunite. Their Military and Law enforcement will be overhauled and better supported and assimilated into our forces.

For Mexicans living below the poverty level, after processing into their new citizen status with Tax ID or Social Security number, they will be able to apply for Social Services assistance and medicare. This will improve their health and quality of life.

Here are some facts about Mexico:

Spanish is national language

Religion: 83% Roman Catholic, 10% protestant christian, 0.2 other religion, 5% atheist, 3% unspecified

Mexico has a congress and a senate.

It is the 13th largest independent nation.

There are 31 states in Mexico.

Population 2015 Census: 119,530, 753

Mexico ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world by number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mexico’s Geography consists of desert, mountains, rain forest, and sub-tropical regions.

Economy: 15th Largest nominal GDP and 11th largest by purchasing power.

Average income per household is equal to about 14,400 US Dollars.
As always, thanks for reading and viewing.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

I Am A Trump Supporter

I Support Trump. Hope I did not hurt any ones feelings saying that. Need a safe space? I hope the best for the American people under a Trump presidency. This is my Opinion piece. From the very beginning I have felt that America needed an Industrious leader that wasn’t a crooked career politician or voted for based on Color. Hillary Clinton would have been a disaster. 90+% of the US Military hates Hillary passionately. As I veteran I would hope for a coup or assassination if she would have been elected. Socialism is the first step to communism. She is a big no-go for a better future for America.

These liberal leftists are destroying America. The all want something for nothing and nothing is free. Someone will pay for it; usually the Right Conservatives who work and pay too much in taxes out of their salaries. Their hard earned income is cut almost in half for these Socialist Liberal Leaches. Most of whom are making a career of dwelling on welfare. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are people down on their luck who do need help on social assistance. But it was not designed for a bunch of single whores to pop out kids every 4 years so they can stay home and do nothing but lay on their backs. Social assistance is just that, Assistance, until you find a job and get back on your feet.

These liberal democrats are like little bastard babies. They had Obama’s tit in their mouth for 8 years and now they might have to earn something. So they are throwing a fit, a temper tantrum, like a bunch of bitches. Burning peoples cars, business’s, rioting and beating innocent people for no reason. Much of it is racially motivated because Obama brought more against whites by breeding more black victimhood for thugs. Yes, there were a few who did not deserve to die by police; but Michael Brown who assaulted the cop had it coming. You deserved to be shot if you attack a cop or kill a cop. I fully support an immediate death sentence for cop killers.

I been following Trump online. I see what he is doing. I agree with his immigration policies. Everyone, to include the media is calling it a Muslim ban. Its not. It banning Muslims from countries that supply radical Islamic terrorists. Europe is a prime example. See the attacks they have been receiving from immigrants; France, Germany, UK, and Italy. In Rotherham, UK, there were so many children (1,400+) raped and molested by Muslims and the police and government were to scared to intervene to avoid being called racists and secularists.  There are many Muslim’s who are still allowed to migrate to the United States because they are from a peaceful nation.

I am happy Trump wants to build the wall and deport illegal immigrants. I know… everyone says who will work the fields… In my opinion, all the welfare leaches, liberals, and the unemployed who want to work should. Make them work or lose their so called entitlements. These are taxable jobs and US citizens should be working them. Deportation and blocking re-entry will reduce crimes committed by violent immigrants, Many of whom are Rapists, Thieves, and Murderers. I understand there are good people among them. They should go back and apply for a work visa and come legally as a tax payer. No Illegal immigrant deserves to get any social assistance like welfare and health care. Their kids don’t deserve to be US citizens just because they were born in the US. At least one parent should be a naturalized citizen or a legal immigrant with a valid green card.

Trump is bringing jobs to the American people. He signed the order to start the Keystone Pipeline. Many are against it. But economically and job wise it was a great move. it will provide up to 80,000 jobs, make America less dependent on Middle Eastern Countries who hate us, and raise the value of the dollar. Other companies like Ford, Chrysler, Carrier, and Samsung will be opening plants in the United States. More jobs! How about that! I have been following the dollar against some currencies over the last month and there have been some ups and downs, but I see a slow increase already.

Trump is pro military. He will make the US a super power to be reckoned with again. Internationally the US military has been a joke under Obama’s leadership. Internationally the world community will start to look up to America again.  I hope the best for my friends still serving.

More to come. This is Trumps first month. Until he really does something wrong against America I will continue to morally support him. Everyone should. He is not bought and paid for by the Middle East and Lobbyists. Give him a chance to prove himself. Help him make America Great Again.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


The Lone Fisherman


This week I am participating in a Weekly Photo Challenge encouraged by, “The Daily Post.” The Prompt was “Solitude.”

I chose this photo because it was the first photo that I had taken that came to mind. He was alone and wading about 150 yards off shore and about 200 yards away from me. I took this photo with a Pentax X-5 zoomed completely out while riding on a Bangka boat.

Photo was taken about 8 months ago at Barangay Paniman, part of the Caramoan municipality, Bicol, Philippines.

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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Day Of The Dragonfly

I am out and about as usual to catch something amazing through the lens. The weather is warm and it is not raining at the moment and I noticed an excessive amount of dragonflies flying around. So I tried to catch shots of the different ones.

img_4059 I am really impressed by the dragonfly. It is a strong insect. Sometimes the local kids catch these and tie twine or plastic strings around them. When they get away you can see the string flying through the air like a lost balloon.


Dragonflies come in many colors and sizes.








These shots were taken near Barangay Agaas, Part of the Caramoan Municipality, Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines.


The camera body used is a Canon EOS 1200D DSLR. Lens is a Sigma 70-300mm with Macro setting on, Auto Focus off. Hood was used. No filters.

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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Green Crested Lizard

While I was on a nature walk to take some photos I heard some thrashing through the leaves and branches. So I got a little closer and seen a nice little lizard. he was about 9 to 10 inches in overall length.


It took a while to find the data on this Lizard. I could not find it by description on Google so I looked up on Facebook for any herpetology group or pages and there was. It is a type of Green Crested Lizard, (Bronchocela Cristatella).


As a child and until this day I have always been fascinated with wildlife. I love reptiles. As a kid in California I would catch a variety of reptiles; to include Blue bellied fence lizards, anoles, and California King snakes. The more places I go the different kinds I see. Its always been awesome to me.



The camera body used is a Canon EOS 1200D DSLR. Lens is a Sigma 70-300mm with Macro setting on, Auto Focus off. Hood was used. No filters.

As always, thank you for viewing my photography and reading. I have joined a crowd funding site for artists in different genres, patreon, to help fund and add to my hobby. I would be grateful to anyone who assists. Thank you!


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran



Emerald Jewel Scarab Beetle

Today my wife found a beetle in front of the house and brought it to me. So I took some time and looked it up out of curiosity and thought I would share it. 

I looked on Google and Pinterest for it. It’s not too common of a find. It can be seen throughout Asia and some sites referred to it as a garden pest. It is also known as a Leaf Chafer Beetle.

As I was looking for it through search engines I was surprised that people collect these beetles and pay rediculous amounts for them in small glass frames. Not this one says me.

It’s underside is very beautiful and shiny. It’s not aggressive when handled. 

After I took the shots I put him in my wife’s planter on the balcony. He can live and leave as he likes.

Camera for the floor shots was my Canon EOS 1200D with Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens with Macro. The shots over the Dirt was with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran