Stepping Up Photography

Hello Again Ladies and Gentlemen. Sorry for the delay in my posts. I been furnishing a new apartment in Naga City piece by piece. So now when I go to Naga City I will not have to spend a lot any more on hotels at the rate of 1500+ peso per night, Especially during the fiesta in Naga City when rates are quadrupled. Now it is only 8000 peso a month.

I am Happy with my location. I am near Magsaysay Avenue where the night life is and the Basilica Church where they hold an English Mass. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room & Dining area, laundry area in the back and a long gated balcony and frontal area.

I have also been focusing on development of my Photography skills, I went a little over board and bought new lenses, filters, tripod, books, and other accessories. I am really loving it as a hobby. Wife is not too thrilled but she will survive. Would be nice to make money on it but that really don’t matter to me much. Here is a photo of where my hobby is at now. with the exception of a 70-300mm Sigma Macro lens that I just bought.


In Pili, Bicol, Philippines there was a Wake Boarding World championship Competition on the 29th through the 31st of October. My wife and I went on the 30th and took about 450 Photos. Here is a few.





So, how are my shots in this event? What do you all think? With these shots I was using a Canon Digital EOS 1200D with a EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS-STM Canon Zoom lens with Image Stabilizer, No filters, and a small JJC hood.

All Imaged were taken by me. No reproduction of these images are authorized without my written consent.





3 thoughts on “Stepping Up Photography

  1. Hi! I am amazed someone like you has chose to stay and love this country. Well, you are the second person I knew who came back here in the Philippines. I’m from Naga too! Do you mind inviting you to some outdoor activities of me and some friends usually at Mt. Isarog via Panicuason, Naga City trail? We have had a photography hike last May with two friends you might want to try it also we’re having plans to go to Curry, Pili (for a series of Falls pictorial there) and a 2 day hike at Mt Isarog Summit.

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