Rice Harvesting Time

Here In Caramoan it is time to harvest the rice. I previously posted about the fields before when they were planting the fields. Now it is time to reap what they sow. Here is the update as promised.


This is one way to tell when the rice is ready, the stalk gets heavy and bends over. It will start to turn brown and dry out.


The Farmers cut the stalks and lay them in bundles as they go. when they Paddy is finished they will take these bundles and add them to a bigger stack to continue drying.

img_0825After the rice spends some time drying on the stalk the farmers will beat or rub the rice free from the stems.


After being separated it will go onto a mat and spread out for further drying until it is free of moisture and can be stored until it is milled.


From here it will be sent to the mill for the husks to be stripped off then stored in 50 kg sacks where it can stay dry. When needed it will be ready to consume.

couple hard working village elders.
The Carabao

The Carabao is a hard working asset to Filipino Farmers. It is used for plowing, pulling, riding, and fertilizing. Losing one of these can be a catastrophe to the poorer farmers. The are even tame enough that small children can move them around, climb up on them, and ride them around and they are not bothered by it.


To my readers, sorry I have not been posting much lately. I will try to be more frequent. Any writing suggestions or questions, feel free to ask.

The Camera used is a Canon Digital EOS 1200D with a Sigma Zoom Lens with hood 70-300mm, no filters.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


2 thoughts on “Rice Harvesting Time

  1. Is the Carabao also know as the water buffalo, apart from working on the rice fields, are they also bred for their meat. These animals likes to cool themselves in puddle of muddy water, hence its name, water buffalo.


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