My Thoughts on Gun Control

My Beliefs on Gun Control

In light of recent events I have decided to express my thoughts on the continuing debate of gun control. In recent months there have been a few shootings; one in particular could have been avoided completely if certain agencies would have done their job. Seventeen kids would be alive today if it were not for the FBI.

The shooters preferences have been the Armalite Rifles. Usually just referenced as an AR-15’s. There are many versions of this semi-automatic rifle do to the variety of accessories available. They are reliable, accurate at good distances, and have magazines of different capacities. Most of the uneducated citizens have been brain-washed by the leftist supporting media into believing the AR stands for Assault Rifle. It indeed does not. Assault is an action. It is a Verb. Something that you do. AR stands for Armalite Rifle.

Do I believe there needs to be more “Gun Control Legislation?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are plenty of Arbitrary Laws already being enforced in different states by law enforcement officers who are breaking their oath to defend the constitution, many of which are violations of 2nd Amendment rights. There are over 300 Million guns in United States of America. This includes Civilians, Law Enforcement, and the Military. This is based on a Google search. To impose new laws and restrictions on millions of law-abiding firearm owners is not only unethical; it is also unconstitutional.

The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Let’s break it down to where it applies to the individual person.

(The right of the people), THAT’S EVERY UNITED STATES CITIZEN. Lets repeat that last word. CITIZEN. This does not include illegal foreigners or those with residency or work permits until they have become a UNITED STATES CITIZENS. When you take the OATH OF CITIZENSHIP then welcome aboard.

(To keep and bear arms), That firearms capable of Hunting, Sporting events, Self-Defense, Defense of Home, Defense of Others, and Defense from a Tyrannical Government. In this case the Tyrannical Government is the Liberal Socialist Democrats who want to unethically and illegally disarm millions of law-abiding people for the actions of a handful of criminals and the insane.

(Shall not be Infringed.) This is the key part the dumb corrupt government officials and indoctrinated liberals have a problem with and understanding or accepting. An infringement is defined as: 1. The action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation. 2. The action of limiting or undermining something.

They cannot legally make laws creating gun-free zones, They cannot restrict the type of firearms or modifications you can own. Even requiring a license or permit to carry is an infringement. These are forms of limiting what rights you have and what you can do.

Without the 2nd Amendment the other rights in the constitution would slowly be stripped away. Freedom of Speech and Press is already being punished by Liberal Socialist Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Google.

What do I think should be done? I think prior to being able to Take a Firearm home there should be a day or two discussing a few subjects. 1. Fundamentals of Marksmanship. 2. Constitutional Rights. 3. States Laws in regards to defensive use. 4. Consequence of breaking the laws with use of firearms. 5. Safe storage from secondary users and prevention from accidental discharge. 6. Encourage frequent use at ranges and join gun clubs and associations. An owner of a firearm should stay comfortable and confident in their choice of firearm. After the classes and range sessions they can be given a state certified certificate and it can also be put in a database that dealers and law enforcement has access to.
Before being able to take a firearm home they should also spend a few sessions at a range firing the type of firearm they intend to purchase. They should be confident and comfortable with it. They should be able to zero it to their sight picture. The biggest mistake many gun owners have is buying a firearm out the case without actually firing it first. They took a gun safety course and assume guns are all the same. They most certainly are not.

Gun dealers should be responsible in who they sale guns to as well. Make sure people who are buying a gun getting it for the right reasons and uses. Buyers should have a clean criminal background check. And that the customer gets a firearm that he/she is safe and comfortable with firing.

I also think that Mental Health Professionals and Law Enforcement agencies need to work more closely together. Other than the mass murderers choice in rifle being common, they all were also on psychological medications which means they had instability issues as well. If the Psychiatric doctors work more closely with law enforcement these kind of people may not get their access to firearms and more people would be alive today. This does not mean everyone should be getting psychological evaluation. Most people with psychological issues are already identified before they are 18 in most cases.

Society as a whole needs to be vocal in preventing the wrong people from being armed. This does not mean violate every ones ones right. The teachers at Parkland, Florida and his class mates all knew Nikolas Cruz had issues and have heard him and seen him make comments saying he would someday do what he did. Police Failed, FBI Failed, and Society Failed, Gun Control Laws did not. If you witness something; Do Something, Say Something.

The younger generation in America, Generally born mid 90’s and after have serious respect issues. They don’t want to respect others. The millennial generation as they are referred to as have been indoctrinated to be anti-constitution, Anti-American, Anti-democracy, Anti-free speech, and hateful toward Christians and Jews. These kids have serious problems. Parents have failed them and liberal socialist teachers have brainwashed them. Most have no common sense. They have no respect for civil Authorities. They created the ANTIFA movement which really is a Fascist movement by definition of their Actions. Many of these are real home grown terrorists. The government needs to data base their members and supporters and keep their hands off of legal firearms and try their best to prevent them from obtaining illegal arms. These kids are just out in Far Left Field and are a danger to civil society.

Every disarmament in the 20th Century lead to Genocide and Mass Murder by their own governments. China, Cambodia, Germany, and Russia just to name a few. The best thing every American can do is stop voting for Liberal Democrats, Vote for conservatives instead, support the US Constitution, Support Civil Rights Organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA), defend the 2nd Amendment. Fight against Socialism and support your nations Sovereignty.

Some people are saying the Federal Government should raise the firearm purchase age to 21. I FULLY DISAGREE!

1. Women are being raped on college campus’s regularly. Most of these students are under the age of 21. Without having a way to defend themselves many more women will be raped and murdered. Disarmament and infringements would only encourage more. Gun-Free zones are the dumbest thing Liberals have ever come up with. Criminals do not obey laws and Gun-Free zones support their lifestyle.
2. Since America founded its own Military Service Branches; 17 and 18 year old men have joined the military and have been considered mature enough to learn how to safely and effectively fire hand guns, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, shoulder fired rocket launchers, tanks, missiles, and throw grenades. I am a US Army Veteran myself. I know what these young men are capable of and mature enough to handle. To assume that civilians of the same age group are incapable of learning how to fire the basic style of firearms is ridiculous. Denying a civilian young man or woman at 18 years of age the right to arm themselves is unethical, morally wrong, and unconstitutional. If you think your own child for one second is incapable of being mature enough for firearms at this point in their life then you have ultimately failed at raising them as a parent or they are mentally retarded in some way.

America really need to focus more on family values, parents need to teach their kids to respect others and how to respect human life, and maybe even finding the Christian religion again for some. Parents and the methods of how they are raising their kids is the biggest problem in America. They are not disciplining their children. They are spoiling them. Liberals are a bunch of self-righteous self-centered, greedy, lazy, want everything for nothing self-entitled dirt bags. Humanity is dying because none of this is being taught. Our nations youth, for the most part, are not being raised properly.

Another issue is the media. You have the liberal media purposely dividing America racially and religiously. They build hate so they will have something to sell the public. Peace does not sell, blood does. They shame the Christians for being too moral while they shade Islamic tendencies, Terrorist activities, and hate for the western culture while wanting to invite more in. America’s youth is being desensitized by the violence on the television, The violence and graphics of video games, the derogatory and explicit lyrics in music. Showing real war footage without blurring out details of the bodies. This messes with some peoples heads. It destroys the conscience. Nothing they will see as they get older will bother them of effect them. It will no longer be an issue that matters.

Let me know what your thought are on these issues.

David Lee Martin

Functional US ARMY Veteran


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