Hopping the Caramoan Islands

Yesterday I went Island hopping with the wife and her relatives. I had a good time and took some photos. I also got toasted by the sun. I get an allergic reaction to most creams and lotions. So trusting a sunblock is hard. Sucks when you feel the aftermath. 

Here are some images from our day on the Caramoan Islands. We started in Barangay Tabgon, Part of the Caramoan municipality in Caramoan, Camarines Sur,  Bicol, Philippines. 

Barangay Tabgon Port

Our mode of transportation were the Bangka style boats. They are narrow boats with outriggers for ballance support. 

The Leading Bangka Boat

Our first destination was Manlawi Sand bar and beach. There they had floating platforms for resting in the shade and eating. There were also local vendors there to sell snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. The wife and I bought two large conch shells. 

Floating Rest Platforms at Manlawi Sand Bar
Friendly Vendors at Manlawi Sand Bar
My wife Kristine on the Sand Bar after the tide went out.

There is a lot of beautiful wildlife and sealife here. I seen many fish and starfish of different colors. 

Small Starfish

Manlawi Beach and Mangroves

From Manlawi we travelled to Sabitang Laya. It’s a nice Island with two long beautiful beaches. The tide was low and in the tide pools and flat areas you could see a lot of sealife. The producers of Survivor also like to use this island in its show. Many countries have done their survivor series here. The US did twice. 

One of the many colorful fish around the Caramoan Islands
Yours truly holding a pair of large starfish

This is an excellent location for snorkeling and under water photography. I have yet to buy myself an underwater camera. Soon… I keep telling myself. 

Living coral attached to a rock
One of the Sabitang Laya beaches

One thing that amazed me is that you can see the peak to the Mayon Volcano. The volcano is on the opposite side of the bay, on the other side of the Caramoan Penninsula. It’s much taller than I thought. You can see it in the center of the Sabitang Laya beach photo. 

The last Island we stopped at was Haponan Island. Didn’t take any photos there. A local is building some nice cottages there. I imagine I will visit there again to show those. We waited there for about 2 hours until the tide returned. When the tide is out the boats cannot return to Tabgon Port because it is too shallow. 

If you like to see more photos please follow me on Instagram: david_lee_martin

As always, Thanks for viewing and reading. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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