Wildflowers in Macro

I thought I would share some macro shots of wild flowers I took from around Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines.

I don’t know the names of all these flowers. When I see something I like I just point and shoot. 

Photos were taken with a Canon EOS 1200D (aka T5 rebel in US) using a Sigma lens 70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG MACRO with hood and no filters.  

I may start selling prints online soon. I think it may be  good way to support my hobby. What do my viewers think of that idea? More of my photography can be seen on istagram with user ID david_lee_martin.  

As always, thanks for viewing and reading. 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran



2 thoughts on “Wildflowers in Macro

  1. Yeah, you can give it a try, you never know….those wild flowers are pretty indeed. If only there are names given. By the way, Iam wondering do wild flowers have names? Iam fascinated with wild flowers, I usually pause to admire them when Iam out for walks in parks or the fringe of some forest.

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