My Greatest Phobia

Spiders Scare the hell out of me. Always have. I can tolerate the small wolf spiders and daddy long legs; but some…. help me lord if I see them. Rather help them because they are about to die. But today out of interest I pulled the Camera out, photographed one, and researched it. 

This spider is a, “Giant Huntsman Spider.” I found it this morning just after waking. I went to the restroom on the backside of the house and while standing there I just took a look up into the corner and there it was just staring at me.

I am surprised myself that I did not panic. Usually I freak out. I was not sure if it was alive or dead. So after I finished my morning business I stood up and I took a deep breath and blew really hard at it. It moved a little so I knew it was alive. Off I went to get the Camera.

I took a few shots of it. For that privilege I let him live. Today the Huntsman did not have to die.

What I learned from the wonderful search engine called Google is that they are mildly venomous towards humans. Not deadly. Diet mainly consists of insects and small lizards when bigger. When full sized they can have a spread up to 12 inches. This one was maybe 8 inches, not yet full grown. 

Camera used today is my Canon EOS 1200D with a Sigma Lens 70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG Macro with hood to avoid glare from ceiling light. No filters were used. Photos taken in manual focus.

If you like my writing and photography you would like to assist me in improving my hobby. Please see the link I provide. As always, Thanks for viewing and reading.
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran.


3 thoughts on “My Greatest Phobia

    1. I was once bitten on the thigh by a spider in North Carolina. Caused a big welt with a pocket of infection. It was even hard to move my let as it had bothered the nerves and muscles. I was a young soldier then and in the field for training and hospitals were not readily accessible. So I lanced it with my pocket knife. Enough infectious puss came out to fill a shot glass. 2 days later I was able to see the docs at a TMC. (Troop medical clinic) The doc said I was dumb to wait but smart to cut it open to drain. The hole was almost the size of a US dime. He was able to stick a medicated q-tip in it and do clock like rotations under the skin. He said I was likely bitten by a recluse. Very nasty.


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