Enhancing the Subject

Depth of Field

Today I am just focusing on photography composition. I chose this wild flower growing near our village. I don’t know it’s official name. I focused on the subject taking the back ground out of focus to isolate it. 

Close up

Closer I became the more details you can see. The color is very nice and stands out from it’s surroundings.


This shot was a close up with my 300mm sigma lens. Zoomed all the way out with macro on. You can see the details of each flower very nicely.

Camera Used is a Canon EOS 1200D. Lens is a Sigma APO DG 70-300mm with Macro. No filters were used, hood only to prevent glare. 

If you like my photography and would like to help me improve my hobby please see my patreon account. As always, thanks for viewing and reading. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Post Script edit: it’s a type of Santan Flower. 


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