Emerald Jewel Scarab Beetle

Today my wife found a beetle in front of the house and brought it to me. So I took some time and looked it up out of curiosity and thought I would share it. 

I looked on Google and Pinterest for it. It’s not too common of a find. It can be seen throughout Asia and some sites referred to it as a garden pest. It is also known as a Leaf Chafer Beetle.

As I was looking for it through search engines I was surprised that people collect these beetles and pay rediculous amounts for them in small glass frames. Not this one says me.

It’s underside is very beautiful and shiny. It’s not aggressive when handled. 

After I took the shots I put him in my wife’s planter on the balcony. He can live and leave as he likes.

Camera for the floor shots was my Canon EOS 1200D with Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens with Macro. The shots over the Dirt was with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If you like my photography and blogs feel free to contribute to my hobby at www.patreon.com/davidleemartin. I just opened this account at patreon. I hope it does well. 

Thank you as always for viewing and reading.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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