White Collared Kingfisher

Today I was absolutely bored out of my mind and doing absolutely nothing productive. The weather just sucks at the moment. Raining on and off day after day. It’s raining season here in my part of the Philippines. So here I am, just sitting on my balcony in Barangay Agaas, Caramoan, Philippines; watching the day pass; out of the corner of my eye I notices a nice blue bird fly by and perch itself on a make-shift power line. So I pulled out my Camera bag and set it up. Here are a few photos that I took.

When you zoom in on the birds head he kinda has a pissed off look about him. I thought that was kind of cool. 

I knew it was a kingFisher of some type but was not sure the exact type. So I went on the best search engine, Google. I found him rather quickly. It is a White Collared Kingfisher. 

The camera I used is a Canon Digital EOS 1200D. Lens is a 70mm to 300mm Sigma. I used no filters. Just a hood to avoid any glare on the lens, and a cheaply made Vivitar tripod.

As always, thanks for Viewing and visiting my blog posts.

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David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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