Typhoon Nina, Two Weeks after

I have traveled back and forth between Caramoan and Naga City, Bicol. Here are some of the Photos I have taken.


I apologize if some picture have some blurring. I was in a moving bus. Some photos are of collapsed and damaged homes and land.


Many roofs collapsed or blown off by the strong winds. Many schools were damaged. repairs are on-going.


The makeshift simple green houses for the schools agricultural department were blown apart.


Some schools were unable to resume as scheduled because of loss of their facilities.


Many farming communities were the worst hit because their homes were in open areas along the fields allowing the winds to hit them full force with out any wind breakage.


Coconut farmers were very badly hit. Many coconut trees now look like match sticks sticking up out of the ground. It will be a while before some of the coconuts will produce again. It took 11 days to bring power back to my neighborhood in Naga City and 18 days to bring power back to the Caramoan peninsula. Could have been worse.


Pray for a speedy recovery for the people and the land. Thank be to God that casualties were minimal regionally.


Until later, Thanks for viewing.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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