Pride, Honor, and Sacrifice

My last year of service was 2013. Since leaving the military I have been working in defense contracting in Germany and the Middle East. I have not had a real home to settle down to in many years. So now, married for the third and hopefully the last time, I have finally settled down here in the Philippines. 

For many years I wanted a display case of all my medals. Finally, I had it made. I also had a duplicate made for my mother’s wall in the USA.

In the case are my medals, unit patches, authorized combat patches, unit crests, my final rank, and insignia’s.  

It took many years of conflicts, blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish this much. It’s a great sense of pride to now have this mounted on my wall. 

If you are a veteran I recommend, they will mount everything you need in the display case of your choice. Some medals and patches available go back to world war one incase you are making it for an old veteran family member.

I served with many great soldiers and would do it all over again. God Bless our Veterans, our Active Military, and those who put on a Uniform every day to keep Americans safe. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


2 thoughts on “Pride, Honor, and Sacrifice

  1. Hi Martin, those medals deserve to be displayed like you have done them. Guess your loved ones will always be proud of you. Didn’t know you are being married three times, anyway wish you all the best in your third endeavour. Stay happy and GBU

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