Dy Viajero Transient Hotel

This is my opinion/review on the a new hotel That just opened In Naga City, Bicol. It is called the Dy Viajero Transient Hotel. The owners of this hotel built it above the regional bus terminal directly across from the CBD Plaza Hotel. The hotel I normally use quite regularly for the last 4 years is CBD Plaza Hotel across from the Bus Terminal. This time they were fully booked. So I took the alternative near by.


I was not pleased much. The prices of the rooms range from 1,000 Peso to 2,500 Peso. I chose the Superior with Terrace at the cost of 1,500 Peso. I recommend skipping the room with a terrace if you can. It is not worth it. You only have a view of power poles and lines, and the CBD Plaza Hotel. Also there is no chair in the room or terrace, The Air Conditioner leaks its condensation all over the terrace any ways. God forbid anyone slips, loses balance, and falls over the edge.


The Bathroom is quite small and narrow. I am 6ft 4in tall. When sitting on the toilet my knees nearly touch the wall opposite. The room was suppose to have a hot water shower. However it did not. I turned the shower control lever to the left and no water came at all. I rotated both water flow control valves under the sink and only cold water was supplied. Also the bathroom had no mirror for shaving in. It was very inconvenient.

Another thing, This hotel is full of Ants. Normally I don’t mind. After all this is the Philippines and they out number humans nearly a billion to one. These are the biting kind, not like fire ants, but still unpleasant. A few had wandered onto the bed and bitten me a few times.


I thought the bed was really firm and the pillows were too soft. Most people like a pillow that can prop a head up. My head sunk right through the pillows provided like they were not even there. No blanket was provided, just a bed sheet. Being a new facility, the Air Conditioning works extremely well in such a small room. img_0141  What can I say positive…. The Desk and Lobby Staff was very kind and courteous. The location is convenient for Bus travelers. The Naga City SM Mall is in walking distance, about 150 meters away. There are plenty of food outlets near by. 7-Eleven is across the street and open 24-7.


As for me, I will not stay here again. It does not seem worth the money to me that is costs for the lack of comfort in this small accommodation. On my future endeavors in Naga City I will get an Apartment or Stay at CBD Plaza Hotel which is a little more comfortable with reasonable rates.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran





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