Please Respect The Church

This is a personal Opinion piece. I am in no way reflecting the views of anyone else. But if you share the same view as me, then great.

I have been living in the Philippines now for just over a year; where homosexuality is an infestation  worse than cockroaches. I don’t mind them too much as long as they leave me alone. I don’t believe their behavior and activities are socially acceptable in anyways. I think Society just tolerates them because they do have some use and we can’t just go about killing them. 

I went to a church recently for a wedding that I was invited to. Lots of beautiful ladies and men dressed up handsomely for the event. Some of the attendees were dressed very well. Some of the less fortunate dressed the best they could. I am okay with that. This is the Philippines. There is a lot of poverty here.

My problem is with a couple of gays in this situation. The wedding is in a Catholic Church. The house of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Homosexuality is a sin and is against the teaching of the church and the Bible. They disrespected the Church in a major way. Being gays of the worst kind, they dressed in ladies clothing, to the point of wearing a stuffed bra. To top it off, they wore make-up. It sickened me so much to see this in God’s house. God created Man and Woman with no intentions of there being anything in between. If I could have kicked them out I would. It was not my event to do so.

For the love of God, if you can’t identify with being the sex you were born with, what God meant for you to be, please find a way to identify and dress properly in a church. A man should behave as a man and ladies should be ladies. Please do not dishonor our father in Heaven by trying to be what you are not. Especially in the house of God. It’s the express lane to hell. 

Call me a Bigot, rude, arrogant, call me an Asshole even, call me what you will. But please consider your actions before the Lord and act honorably in his house. 

Thank You!
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


3 thoughts on “Please Respect The Church

  1. Forgive me if I come across as blunt, but asking for homosexuals to respect the Church whilst comparing them to cockroaches in the same article strikes me as hypocritical. I would agree that when entering a religious building one should abide by certain standards – but it’s up to the priest or vicar running that Church to determine what’s acceptable.


  2. It is a difficult situation. Their attire, which indicates their disorder, is certainly disturbing in our place of worship. My sincerest hope is that if they continue to attend Mass, perhaps the Holy Spirit may touch them to reach for the assistance which Natural Law advises, but our relativistic society prohibits by law in some locales. — Tony

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