Church of Cagsawa

Last week I took the Opportunity to see the Cagsawa Church Ruins during my trip to Tabaco City. This Church was destroyed by the eruption of the Mayon Volcano. Natures destruction and fury at its best.


If it were me, I would not have placed the info signs so close to the structure. Kind of ruins the picture view. I guess they were not thinking too much.

imgp0929imgp0936 Through these bars at the base of the tower is a lot of garbage. Less than 100 meters from the tower is about 20 concessionaires selling souvenirs, food, and drinks. The least they could do is keep the site clean since they are making money from it. Hundreds of people come to see this place daily. The very least they could do is keep the area clean and presentable.


The Camera I am using is a Pentax X-5. None of these photos are edited in any way.


Sadly the Mayon Volcano was covered in Clouds. It would have been nice to have it in the background.



I will come back here at a later date. I really want a shot of the tower with the volcano behind it.


Did anyone else notice that the 2 monument signs had different spellings for this site, and I notice I am reflected in this one. The older one says Cagsaua and the Newer one says Cagsawa. Kind of makes me wonder who was right and who was illiterate. Either way the name sounds the same. I hope my readers enjoy the photos that I share and I also hope I put things on people’s bucket lists of things to do, visit, and see some day.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


7 thoughts on “Church of Cagsawa

  1. Probably Kag sawa, written in two words would be literally and it could have different meanings. I prefer the translation “Who owns too much” but you can also translate it as “The one with snakes” or “The one collecting snakes”.


  2. ganyan tlaga sir dito, dating highway 54 now edsa na, buendia ave to sen gil puyat ave, dewey blvd to roxas blvd, wag sana palitan ni tatay digong malacanang palace to people’s palace…..


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