Our Lady Of The Gate Parish

This last week I have again done some more Traveling. I spent a few days in Tabaco City, Philippines. I went to a few places and took some photos. This is an old church in Daraga, Albay. It is currently under renovations. I did not get to take photos inside because Mass had already started. I did not want to disturb what was already in session.



Inside the church are many statues of Saints, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

Statues of Multiple Saints, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary


My personal Favorite Saint is also posted here, Saint Francis of Assisi. He was an Amazing Friar who lead a real life of Sacrifice, Poverty, Humility, Charity, and Loyalty to the Lord Jesus. A good book to read about him is called, “The Little Flowers of Saint Francis.” I recommend it.

Saint Francis of Assisi


After seeing some of the Archive photos, I feel like the Church had a better atmosphere around it than it does now. It was even a Catholic School at one time.

This next photo goes to Show that Filipina women have always been beautiful. Kind of makes me wonder what the motivation truly was for so many countries to want to occupy the Philippines, If not for wealth, then certainly for it’s beauty.

imgp0916  I really like to Travel and see old structures still standing. This church was built in the 1700’s and is still standing. With its current renovations going on, I am sure it will stand a few hundred more years as long as evil Islam does not prevail and destroy what is left of Humanity. I will definitely come back to this church later for updates.

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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