KC Land Park in Tabaco City

This week and half I have taken some time to travel around a bit. I went to Naga City for a few days then to Tabaco City. While I was in Tabaco City I went to KC Land Park with my wife’s cousin and a few friends. I managed to get a few nice shots of the Mayon Volcano and of the park.

Although there were some beautiful things to see, the place wasn’t without some disapointment. There was a lot of trash laying around the drive way and parking area. The fish ponds were not maintained. The algae was so thick you could hardly recognise the fish. There was construction going on with one of the structures but the builders had the entire work area a mess, no organizational skills were evident.

Trash was all over the area surrounding these birds. This is near the inner most part of the driveway next to the structure being worked.

This probably pissed me off the most. This small horse has about 15 feet of rope tied to her. 5 feet behind her tie down post is a huge pile of trash. There seems to me that there is a lack of care for the Animals kept here that are suppose to be part the the local attraction. Suppose this horse consumed some plastic…. She would likely die a sufferable death. The trash also represents an injury risk for horses as there is a soft spot under the rear of the hoof called the “frog”, it is very sensitive to sharp objects to include stones and requires frequent checks and cleaning. If this is cut through the horse will be rendered lame. Bleeding there is also very hard to stop.  This horse was well domesticated. She had no problems with me walking up on her and petting her. 

If you are in Tabaco City and want to go here, just find a tricycle operator near centro, (down town) and ask them to take you to KC Land Park. It is about a 10 minute ride and cost me 100 peso for 4 of us…. Kano price I guess. 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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