Bats at Saint Michael’s 

Today I went riding around and once again stopped at Saint Michaels Church in Caramoan. I had a few questions to ask there. But this time I noticed something inside the church that I did not before. Bats!

I think they are cute little fur balls with wings that are misunderstood and feared too much. They are nature’s insect control. Their primary diets consist of insects and nectar fruits. They don’t bother people unless disturbed. These are most likely the common fruit bat.

Amazing how they can adjust and cohabitate the same space as people without being a problem. Just watch out for guano. 

Here is a net that someone previously put up. Most likely to stop the birds from coming in and crapping all over the pews and the Altar. Then someone who respects wildlife probably noticed it was killing the animals so they cut it open. It still caught a few. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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