Saint John’s Cathedral of Naga City

This week I was in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines. I took the opportunity to take some photos here and there. I took some shots at Saint John’s Cathedral in Naga City Central. I love how really old church’s and Cathedral’s look in Black and white photographs. I like the classic vintage view of old structures.

Saint John’s Cathedral
Holy Water
Jesus and Mother Mary
Altar view from 2/3rd’s the way back

Dome view 2

Dome view 1
Let us break bread with Jesus
Bell tower with bell in mid-swing.

Although I loved taking the photos of the Cathedral, I was very much disappointed by how much technology has been installed throughout it. It had flat screens on every pillar, A lot of electrical lighting, and camera’s mounted outside in picturesque areas, ruining what I would have considered a nice shot. 

What ever happened to Bibles and the priest telling them to turn to page so and so, verse this or that? I understand people in the Philippines are poor and they are looking for the best way to share the word of God and Jesus. But in the long run a book will outlast the flat screen and put the word of God and Jesus in their hands where ever they go. I encourage the Catholic Church, which is a rich organisation, to print more Bibles in the Native languages and get them into the hands of as many believers as possible. I think people who have good reading and comprehension skills will understand more from a physical Bible or Hymn book in their hands than they would from a flat screen TV. Let me know what you think.

David Lee Martin 

Functional US Army Veteran 


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