Environmental Issues and 7-Eleven

I went to 7-Eleven here in Naga City, Philippines and I was pleased to see this. 

I would love to see more chain stores and independent owner shops to do more to save the environment. Plastic bags and bottles are a big problem here in the Philippines since proper sanitation is a big problem and there is a lack of responsibility in recycling here.

One of the problems in Manila is the flooding during the typhoons and rainy season. What contributes to the flooding is a clogged drainage system from plastics and other trash that irresponsible people leave behind. It gets thrown into the streets and it gets washed down the gutters. 

I would love to see more done across this country to combat it’s pollution problem. I am just happy to see that some companies are taking steps in the right direction. Reusable cloth bags seem to be the best alternative.
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran 


10 thoughts on “Environmental Issues and 7-Eleven

    1. It’s a problem globally. Some countries are putting forth the effort for improvement while others are not. I was in Kuwait for 5 years. The richest country in the world and it was a complete dump. They blame the foreign national labor but do nothing about it.

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      1. yeah its hard to control this there is concept that the place is already dirty so if we more dirty it its okay on sunday when i went to a near by park with natural beauty as it was sunday so many people had came and thrown wrappers all around i could not believe it as dustbins were available but people clean there houses and forget that country is also there home if i put the wrappers in my bag after eating my friends tell me why doing this just throw it ,its already dirty there so i reply whats the difference then we are making


  1. Nope, I’m not. I’m a local of Naga City who has taken for granted the beauty CamSur has to offer. Me and friends go outdoors as escape from urban living or work stress.

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  2. It’s nice that someone like you have appreciate little things that some merchants do to raise awareness for the environment. I live in Naga City and we have a “garbage problem” that the City hasn’t addressed to 100% yet, there is a problem with the legislation that hinder the environmental awareness. Just to site an example the use of plastic bags, I don’t know why the City hasn’t banned the use of plastic yet but in some Cities and municipalities in the Philippines they have already implemented a No Plastic Policy (No plastic bag, none use of plastic straws on Fastfood chains, etc)


      1. Okay, I suggest you drop by at Kadlagan Outdoor Shop at SM CITY Naga 2F. They are organizing local tours around Bicol. Have signed up to a canyoning activity this Sunday!

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