San Francisco Church in Naga City

I am in Naga City, Bicol this week and thought I would take and share some photo’s of San Francisco Parish. The Church is located in down-town Naga City. These photo’s I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 

I love the look of old churches and structures in Black and white. To me it gives a classic feel to it. More coming soon… 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


5 thoughts on “San Francisco Church in Naga City

    1. Thank you. I also went to Saint John’s Cathedral. I will post those pics later when I get back to Caramoan. I was disappointed at the cathedral though. They had security cameras mounted outside and flat screen TV’s on all the pillars inside. Kinda disappointing really. But you may be impressed with the shots I did take. Just wait for it 🙂


      1. The same here in Lipa City. They have a nice big cathedral big stuck flat screen tv’s on almost all the pillars and a great big screen outside on the front. I guest it helps the worshippers but it sure does distract from the architecture of the building.

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      2. I think it is garbage and a distraction. Most kids are probably more curious about how video games would look on it rather than focusing on the word of God. I like the Natural look of classic Churches. Like in Europe.


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