A Motorcycle Collision and Lessons Learned

A Motorcycle Collision

 Two days ago my wife and I decided to go to town to get a few necessities. It was not too much so we just took our motor bike. We did what we needed to and on the way out of town I accidentally passed up the ATM. I meant to stop by and get some money. Ahead of us was the Municipality where we could turn around and I can also check to see if I have any mail at the community post office from the office of Veterans Affairs which I am counting on as well.

I turn my turn signal on and get to the left side of the lane, look in my mirror and over my shoulder. There was a bike coming but he is far enough back and there is plenty of room to my right for him to go by. I start making my left turn and BAMM! He hit me hard, dropping my bike with my wife and I to the ground. The first thing I said before hitting the ground was, “Mother F#%ker!” I was really pissed off for the moment that I lay there. I can’t believe this dude just hit me. I could still hear his bike sliding along the concrete and then a sudden crunch of his bike against the curb of the drive way that leads into the municipality. I looked up and no one was moving at first. My first thought of the situation was not good. My bike is a 2015 Kawasaki Rouser 200NS and his was a much older Kawasaki CT 100 Bajaj. 

2015 Kawasaki Rouser 200NS


 I slid my leg out from under my bike and Asked my wife if she was ok. Thankfully she only had a decent scrape on the elbow. I looked down at my bike, the turn signal was still flashing and it was still in 1st gear with the rear tire still turning. I switched the master power switch off that is next to the throttle shutting off everything.

I looked at the other bike and seen that he was transporting 2 college girls with him. I looked at my wife and I told her to check the girls immediately as I pick my bike up from the road and get it out of the way.  The driver of the other bike was ok. The girls were a bumped up, scared, and maybe in shock a bit. The Locals here are the most helpless, useless people I have ever seen. The all gathered around to watch and get in the way, but none lifted a finger to really help the girls. They are excellent spectators and love drama but useless otherwise. The local Hospital was only 50 feet away so we had them taken there immediately to be checked. The worst of the deal was some bruising and maybe a concussion because they were not wearing helmets. The extent of my injuries was a scraped up Knee, shin, and elbow. None of which I was concerned about. I dealt with worse in the past and lived, my concern was for the girls on the other bikes.

Between the Hospital and the municipality was the police station. We went there to do a report on what happened. The other driver had no license, no insurance, a dented front rim, and no Money. He looked scared as hell and I know he would be screwed. So my wife and I covered the girls’ medical expenses and the rest was on him. He was speeding and did not observe the right away of the vehicle in front of him since it is a single lane.  The only damage on my bike was a broken after-market hand guard that I installed about 6 months ago, Front left turn signal housing came apart, and my clutch lever broke in half. I was able to snap the signal housing back together. The hand guard was a wise move as my hand did not get injured.

bike clutch
Busted Hand Guard and Clutch Lever


The lessons to be learned from this is to Observe other vehicles, pay attention to turn signals and brake lights, observe the right of way of other riders and drivers, wear helmets and other safety gear, and be insured. Your safety and those riding with you comes first above all else. Don’t be in a hurry through town or in congested areas. Try to learn some basic first aid as most of the Caramoan community was helpless and only getting in the way. If you can add features to your bike to improve your own safety, do so. 

Minor case of road rash


I am 38 years old. Been driving since I was 16. I have driven everything from Motorcycles to Army Tanks. This is my first accidental collision with a motor vehicle. I guess it happens at some point or another whether you’re at fault or not. I guess it was my turn. Thank God No one was severely injured or died. Best we can do is to do our best to be prepared in case such an event like this happens. 


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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