Blue Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Brown lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Who in the hell is one group of people to judge any one race or group. I am sick of the terror groups, Black Lives Matter and the Black Panther Party. Their speeches and HATE BREEDING are doing nothing positive for anyones lives. the are putting targets on white Americans and Police Officers of any race. 

Many police officers, of multiple races, have been murdered in cold blood. It is disgusting really. How can people be proud of this? Black Lives Matter movement is. They promote this anti-police and anti-white hate. They continue to blame white privilege for their failures in life. I served in the military and its funny on how many successful Black Americans that I have seen; To include Command Sergeant Majors and Generals. You can be successful at anything, race has nothing to do with holding you back, only your own convictions. 

Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter protest when there is Black on Black crimes? I guess Black lives really don’t matter to Black Lives Matter unless they are shot by a police officer or a white man. Then it becomes an issue. They don’t make money on it unless the media can get involved. Black on Black crime is so common that the media just scuffs on it unless a white person or police officer was involved. Then it is a money maker. It also helps push the Obama Anti-American agenda. 

Stop the Hate! As an Armed Forces Veteran I would protect and back up a police officer in any situation any day. These are civil servants who volunteered just as much as soldiers have to protect the lives of innocent people within the USA. Their lives are at risk from criminals every day. Terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and the  Black Panther Party are not making things safer for Black Americans. Their speeches have put targets on whites and police officers. This makes the police officers more scared and nervous around Blacks. They don’t know who will be civil and who wants to kill them. So if a thug is shot and killed by a cop for not following the rules or obeying orders, or making any sudden movements, then the thug rightfully deserved to die. 

Be an obedient citizen, follow the rules, don’t break the laws already set in place. Don’t give police a reason to bother you. Be civilized. Don’t listen to terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers.

May ALL the Police Officers who died needlessly rest in peace, God Bless them and their families for their sacrifices for a civil society. 

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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