Religious Items

Developing Your Eye II

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Day Three: “Scale” -Experiment with Size

Today I decided to take a photo of a shelf that has some of my wife’s collectables.  She is a Catholic and very devoted to the church, thankfully not as much as a Nunn. They are different in size. In the plastic on the right is Jesus carrying the cross. Even the shelf it sits on was hand made by a local carpenter. Each evening a candle is lit and put out by whoever wakes first. 

We must remember that these items, no matter the size, represent something much greater than ourselves. Never allow someone to say that these are false idols that we as Christians and Catholics worship. These only represent what we worship, Jesus and Mary. Every room in my house has a cross or rosary hanging in it. A constant reminder of what real sacrifice is. 

David Lee Martin 

Functional US Army Veteran 


3 thoughts on “Religious Items

  1. This is my favorite post! My husband and home are very similar! I would love to some day come and see you and this culture you seem to have embraced! As i recall you embraced the German culture in much the same fashion. I am also happy to see you doing so well! Not sure if the is the plat form to catch up on but i would love to hear about your life now, ie Kids, inlaws etc.! May God continue to bless you all and keep you safe ol’ friend!

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