A Caesar Quote

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever think to look.”

– Julius Caesar 75 bc. 

I decided to watch a movie that I had not yet watched that was saved on my external hard-drive. The movie was “revolver” which is basically about a dude losing all his money and getting his mind f#€ked by cons. Good movie though. Through the movie it did have some interesting quotes. This one stuck in my head. It was in the first couple minutes of the film. 

My thoughts… my answer on this Quote is this. The greatest enemy we can never seem to find is in ourselves. We can either accept failure or strive for success. That win, lose, or draw… it’s all on us. It’s our ego. It is Our personal decisions to do what is right or wrong which will lead us to what is best or not. No one else is to blame in life but ourselves with our own actions. We are our own enemy. But as people we look to others to blame.

What are your thoughts?
David Lee Martin 

Functional US Army Veteran 


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