Obama The Coward

The New One word prompt is “Cowardice,” and sadly the first thing that pops in my mind is the President of the United States, Barrack Obama. He has had no spine for anything for 8 years. He’s been the puppet of the Middle Eastern leaders. Because of Obama, hundred of thousand of Christians and Muslims have been displaced or killed in a religious genocide between Iraq and Syria. But is seems to be ok because he is the African-American Messiah. The first African-American President. If he was white he would have been impeached before the end of his first term. 

Women have been raped, murdered, prostituted, and forced into slavery because of ISIS/ISIL. Christian baby’s have had their skulls stomped in or were executed in front of mother before doing God know what to the women. All the christian men were executed and muslims who would not swear allegiance to ISIS were executed. Obama did nothing but watched and said, “This is Not Islam….” In all actuality it is. They are doing exactly what Mohammed did, and that is why muslim nation leaders are weak to respond to it. All the soldier’s who lost their lives in Iraq died for nothing thanks to Obama. He handed the country right back into the hands of Radical Islamists. The situation in Iraq was starting to look good with our presence being there and Obama threw it all away.  All that blood is on the hands of Obama now for being a coward.

Obama kept talking about this imaginary red line that Assad of Syria should not cross, and when he did Barrack Obama just took a step back and drew another one, and then another one, and then another one. Assad went as far as using Chemical Weapons, barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and phosphorous on a civilian population…. Guess what Obama did? He drew another red line! In all reality we should have never left Iraq, and we should have bombed the the piss out of Assad, killing him and his followers. Sadly, Putin had to pick up Obama’s slack. 

Obama has made deals with terrorists, gave them money and equipment. He freed 5 top Taliban Leaders for deserter, a traitor who caused the deaths of many soldiers looking for him. Obama made deals with Iran and lied to Americans about the plans. Obama has never had the American soldiers, Americans, or our ally’s his list of best interests. He down sized our armed forces to the weakest state that it has seen in 70 years…. 

Obama has never had the testicular fortitude to be an American Leader. As a veteran, and knowing some of my fellow Veterans and Soldiers, Obama will go down in History as the weakest, corrupt, Islamist, and most cowardice Leader that the American Military has ever known of. He is even worse that Jimmy Carter. After Obama, The Russian President Putin looks like an ideal leader for America, a national savior, and Hero. 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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