Kuwait Desert Scenes

Another one word prompt from The Daily Post that I have chosen to participate in. The word is “Desert.” I thought I would share some of the Photos that I have saved from my time being there, 2009-2015.


Early Morning Sunrise on US Army Camp Arifjan

Early Morning Sunrise in Early Spring of 2015 as seen from the Maintenance area of Camp Arifjan.

A small fraction of the US Military’s readiness in Kuwait. Within Days to weeks, and with proper leadership and great coordination with the Air Force, we could level Iraq again with what is waiting, if there is ever a need.

Sand Storm of the same day. before and after. I wouldn’t recommend going out in them if it was not necessary.

Kuwait is a very filthy country. Trash blows everywhere to include the open desert. These camels are near Ahmadi, Kuwait. The vipers are alive in the Scientific Center in Salmiya, Kuwait. However, these vipers are aggressive and can be found anywhere throughout the country and they do tend to strike without warning. In most cases the victims die due to poor emergency response and extreme traffic in Kuwait.

Sometimes you have to make it with what you have on you. Air quality in the desert can change from clear to dusty within minutes. Here I took my head wrap that I usually wear to keep the sun off my head and neck and turned it into a mask. Kuwait sand is full of Silica dust and is very bad for the health. Many of US veterans have respiratory problems that are most likely related to it since we spent a lot of time on the ground.

Arabian Sweet Dates

These date trees can be found all over Kuwait. Very good for snacks. Rich in fiber and good for digestion.

If you like to know more about Kuwait feel free to ask.


David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


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