Broken Glass

Daily Prompt: Glass…..
Today I am participating in a daily prompt. I don’t always participate in them, but today’s prompt made me remember a day in Iraq. I know it was May 2003, I am not quite sure on the exact day. Maybe second or third week. I was in Ar Ramadi with my Battle Buddy Specialist Whitte. We had been sent on a contact mission to make some repairs on a Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), an M113A3 to be exact. We were there for a few days and worked on other things as well.
The compound that we went to was at a nice marble palace along the river. The City of Ar Ramadi would be a very beautiful city if it had not been affected by the war. There was a mosque in town had the most beautiful mosaic tiled dome that I had seen yet. Even the wall around the outside of the mosque was tile mosaic. Someone really wanted to make a statement for that Mosque’s beauty. Even in the oil rich country of Kuwait I did not see a Mosque as beautiful. Shameful that the war may have an effect on it. The artists who laid the tiles some years ago must have had a wonderful eye and dedication for art.
Now what brings back these memories was the word, “Glass”. The compound on the opposite side of the river must have been mostly glass before a bomb or missile leveled it. All over the edge of the river, below the compound, was broken Glass. The glass had blown out with such intensity that a lot of the glass was scattered and shattered throughout all of our camp, on the opposite side of the river. I had never seen so much glass like that. A detail, a tasker, had to be organized to clean it up to prevent injury or infection from the glass that was all around. Not to mention it would restrict noise and light discipline if we had to react tactically for anything. It could crack under our feet or reflect light that could give away our position. From our camp we managed to gather enough glass to fill two 5 Ton dump trucks.
This is my memory from the one word prompt, “Glass.”
David Lee Martin
Functional US Army Veteran

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