Importance of Water

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Day Three “Water” – Image Orientation


Today I have chosen to take a photo of our Barangay’s (village) rice field. We must be constantly reminded that the element of water is a necessity for all life on earth.  Without water asians would surely suffer as it is required for rice, their staple food source. Without fresh clean Water, All life on earth would cease to exist.

Barangay Agaas, Caramoan Rice Field

David Lee Martin 

US Army Functional Veteran 


2 thoughts on “Importance of Water

  1. Pretty much the same scene in our village in Tarlac, except that you have the mountains in the background.

    Landscapes like this makes me sing “Green, Green, Grass of Home” by Tom Jones.

    You don’t plant rice in the States, do you? So what’s in your typical field? (Haven’t been to US.)

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    1. Actually we do grow rice in the USA. California does in the Sacramento Valley, this I know for sure. This place is Beautiful. They are working the fields now thanks to the rain. They spread the rice grains today so the seedlings will grow. When the small seedlings are ready I Will help spread them in the paddies.


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