What is Home?

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Day One “Home” – Get Oriented

What Is Home to Me? Home, for the better part of my life has been where I layed my head long enough to unpack my bags. But normally; my home is my castle, safe haven, and place to relax. It’s where my wife takes care of me and my simple needs and I take care of her and all her needs. Home is where I can be myself completely; where those who don’t like it can leave. Home is where real love can be seen happening.

Home is where we raise our children and teach them respect towards others and self-discipline. Home is where we do our best to undo all the negative influences that todays corrupt society has subjected our children or younger siblings to. Home is where our parents, siblings, and children can go any time in their life and know they are accepted the most.

Home is where you can spend time doing some hobbies. Possibly do some gardening, raising live-stock, doing some woodworking, drinking, or even nothing at all. Home is where I cast occupation aside and govern a life of my own.

David Lee Martin 

Functional US Army Veteran 


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