writers block and boredom strikes
1. Where and When Were you Born? Boise, Idaho USA 1978
2. What cities did you live in growing up? Willits, CA; Union City, MI; Petaluma, CA
3. What was your first house like? After leaving home on my own with my first ex-wife we got a small 2 bedroom house in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Was small and simple. Across the street from a Junior high. So it was always noisy.
4. What was your favorite toy item as a Child? G.I. Joe action figures
5. What was your room like? I always shared a room with my brother. It was chaos….
6. What did a typical meal-time look like? I grew up poor. It was me and my brother at the kitchen table while Mom ate in the living room watching TV.
7. What meals did you regularly eat growing up? Nothing great usually. Often Top Ramen noodles or a Hamburger Helper.
8. What did you wear to school? We did not have to wear uniforms. I was in public schools. Just casual wear.
9. What were your favorite subjects? Biology, Art, Physical Education, Drafting, and Wood Shop.
10. What things did you not have as a child that children have today? Technology and education in the palms of our hands. Sadly kids today don’t use the smart phones and tablets for what they could be potentially used for, EDUCATION. We have a new generation of Smart Phones and Stupid Youth…
11. What was your relationship like with your siblings, cousins, and friends? Sibling: not too great. Cousin: Was like my best friend growing up. She and I got into plenty of trouble together. Friends: Come and go, did not keep in touch with many.
12. Who was your favorite school teacher and why? MRS Carolyn Smith, She was my English teacher. She pushed me hard in that subject.
13. Who was your first crush? Did he/she like you back? Trisha Lair, I will never know. She is happily married now with a handful of children. I am happy for her.
14. What did you think of your first school dance? I thought it sucked, music sucked, no one was dancing. just standing around and hanging out.
15. What was your proudest moment as a child? Don’t really remember much to be proud of back then. I was a typical poor kid. I did not get to do the fun things that other kids were able to do.
16. What was your relationship like with your mom? Had ups and downs.
17. What was your relationship like with your dad? Non-existent. I finally got to talk to him when I was 18. He did not care to try to know me. So no need to know him.
18. What special treats, meals, snacks, or other food items did your family eat? Around holidays my Grandmother would cook. She made excellent BBQ ribs and Porcupine meat balls.
19. What Holidays did you celebrate and how did you celebrate them? We celebrated Christian Holidays but we were not really church goers.
20. Where did you go on staycations or vacations growing up? Went to boy scout camps sometimes, but mostly stayed home. We could never afford to do anything great. We sometimes went camping in the Redwood Forests at the Camp Grounds near Willits.
21. What was your happiest moment as a teenager? your saddest? Getting Laid at 14 was pretty awesome, to me anyways. Saddest would be getting my girlfriend pregnant at 17.
22. What made you the most nervous during your teenage years? Keeping my grades up. I wasn’t a great student in my high school years.
23. What sports or extracurricular activities were you involved in? Played Baseball, Football, and Field & Track and was a Boy scout.
24. What did you most excel at as a high school student? Drafting and wood shop electives.
25. Did you go to college or get additional training after high school? Where did you go? what did you study/get trained in? I joined the Army and went to Military Tech Schools.
26. What was your first job? How old were you? I was 15, my English teacher hired me for after school and weekends to work on her family’s farm with her daughters.
27. What did you do? How much did you get paid? Farm chores for 5 dollars an hour.
28. How did you meet your husband/wife? Which wife? Hahaha. I am 2 times divorced and on 3rd and last, I hope. I met this one through her best friend.
29. When and how did you know that your future wife/husband was “the one?” She never gave up on me even when times were hard.
30. Did you want a big or small family? How many kids do you have? I wanted a small family. Things don’t always go as planned though. I have 4 daughters and 1 son already. The current wife wants more.
31. What are your memories about expecting your first child? I worried about how to take care of her at such a young age as a father.
32. What are the memories about the birth of your first child? Raining outside and her mom assuring me all will be okay.
33. What were your happiest memories about being a first time parent? Not too much….
34. What has been the most fun part about parenting? Cooking without mom and making a mess.
35. What has been the hardest thing about parenting? Divorce and watching the other parent raise the kids to hate me with lies.
36. How has faith/spirituality/religion/meditation played a role in your life? examples? Was  never a person to hold faith and religion in my life. It’s not that I did not believe in God. It’s just that were weren’t church goers growing up. After going to war I learned how good some religions are, and how evil some are, like Islam.
37. How has exercise played a role in your life? examples? It has had a big role in my life. I was in the Army and Fitness was routine 5 to 6 days a week for almost 16 years.
38. How have service and charity played a role in your life? examples? I was in the Army. I volunteered to serve the people of the United States. I regularly gave charity to the Red Cross and Army Emergency Relief.
39. How would you describe your personality? Casual, Open-minded, Honest.
40. What are your greatest strengths? Kindness and compassion
41. What are your greatest weaknesses? Kindness and Women
42. Are you an introvert or extrovert? A little of both, Ambivert
43. What has been your proudest professional achievement? Honorably Serving in the US Military and becoming a well decorated veteran.
44. What has been your proudest personal achievement? Staying Alive
45. How did you balance work and home life? Making it a routine
46. If you could have a do over, what would you change? I Never would have met first ex-wife.
47. What advice would you give to your teenage children/grandchildren? Complete School, Don’t get pregnant before you have a real stable life established
48. What advice would you give to your single adult children/grandchildren? Use protection and choose a life partner wisely. Lust will fool you.
49. What advice would you give to your married children/grandchildren regarding their marital relationships? Raising Children? Seek all help available in times of trouble and stress. Stay Faithful, (Its cheaper to keep her) and maintain a clean household.
50. What advice would you give your children/grandchildren regarding life in general? Think before you do or say anything.
51. What life lessons helped you grow the very most? How? Why? Having kids as a teenage father, It’s stressful, It made me grow up more before I was ready.
52. What was on your bucket list when you were younger? Do some acting in plays like my cousin did. Travel the world. Be an outdoorsman.
53. How Has your bucket list changed as you got older? I accepted reality.
54. If you could do three more things on your bucket list, what would they be? Why? 1. Continue traveling because I love seeing how other cultures live. Been to 15 countries so far. 2. Buy a couple classic cars to work on as a hobby. As a mechanic for the Army I never really had the time to do anything for myself. 3. Write a book…. Which I am kind of working on in my head…
55. What is something people don’t know about you? I have a big heart.
56. What Legacy would you like to be known for? Love, Kindness, and Charitable…. Saint me…..
57. What is something that you are good at doing? Helping people other than myself.
58. What is something that you own that you are grateful for? Why? My medals. I worked hard and sacrificed a lot of myself for them.
59. What are your hobbies? fishing, writing, reading, wrench turning, cruising around on my motorcycle.
60. Who are the people who meant most in your life? My Children, My Wife, Her Family
61. Who have been great mentors in your life/career/education? SFC James Bill, CSM Vincent Noble, LTC Johnson (former CO), SGT Todd Barthoff, and many Friends who are no longer with me today.
62. Do you have any enemies or someone you personally dislike? Why? First ex-wife who is a narcissist and the current husband of My 2nd ex-wife who is a back stabber and betrayer.
63. Do you have a best friend? Not really. I learned not to trust people too closely anymore. I would like to stay married this time.
64. What stresses you? Finances and women.
65. What do you do when stressed to become relaxed again? I let the wife handle the finances.
66. Do you have a favorite actor/actress? who? why? Monica Bellucci, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Winona Ryder, Rachel Weisz, Lucy Liu, Emma Watson, and Amanda Seyfried. Because they are all Gorgeous.
67. What is your favorite type of food? Ideal meal? I love Italian Food. I like a good lasagna with some Garlic cheese bread. A salad on the side with some good cold Ice tea.
68. Do you have a favorite restaurant? I guess it depends on where. I stayed so many places that had good restaurants to offer. Here in the Philippines I like a Resto-Bar called Kina ’mons in Naga City on Magsaysay Street. It has live music later in the evening and good food.
69. What is your idea of a first date or meet? Coffee Shop. It’s a good setting for conversation without having to invest to much into someone that you don’t know if you will like or not.
70. What physical traits do you like in a man/woman? Long Hair,  Not too short, Not Tall. Not Skinny as a Bone. Not Obesely Fat, just average size. B cup breast or bigger preferred with a hand full of ass is enough. I have big hands. Kissable voluptuous lips are nice. Race and eye color doesn’t matter.
71. What personal character traits do you like in a man or woman? I like a woman who is positive minded. One who can brighten my day just by being there. Friendly, loving, and loyal.
72. What kinds of Music do you like? Mostly Rock and Alternative, but I do like some from other genre’s.
73. What are your favorite Bands and Artists? Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, AC/DC, Atreyu, Buck Cherry, Creed, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, God smack, Gorillaz, H.I.M., Hinder, Incubus, John Mayer, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lamb of God, One Republic, Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, and Staind just to name a few..
74. Do you like Physical Art, as in painting and sculptures? If so, by who? Yes. I like paintings. I like the semi-modern works of the late Spaniard Salvador Dali and the classic works of Italian Sandro Botticelli
75.  Do you like to Travel? Love to Travel. Been to 15 countries since 1998.
76. Where have you traveled so far? USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Unite Arab Emirates, Philippines.
77. Which places would you still like to visit? Jordan, Israel, South Africa, India, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, Japan, China, Russia, Panama, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Venezuela if they ever fix their country.
78. If you could have any dream vehicle, new or old, what would it be? All the muscle cars from 1978.
79. What do you drive now? 2015 Kawasaki Rouser 200 NS
80. Which Political stance do you take? Republican.
81. Who in the past was a great national leader? Why? Ronald Reagan, he had a sense of humor and took no shit from anyone.
82. What are your thoughts on justifications for going to war? Humanitarian only. Not for profit or economic gains.
83. What do you think would make or keep your nation great? Autonomy
84. What do you hope for the most? As a Combat Veteran, For my country to keep its promise to take care of us.
85. Where do you consider home? Where I lay my head long enough to unpack baggage.
86. What is your primary method of communication with family and friends? Emails and Facebook.
87. What do you feel is the best technological invention of this Generation? Smart devices. Putting a world of education in the palm of your hands.
88. Where do you stand on environmental issues? Need more independent Alternative energy sources without the fear of being punished by the government. Everyone should try using solar and wind hybrid generation systems. we need to get away from nuclear and fossil fuel energy sources.
89. Do you believe in Global Warming? I believe it exists but not to the extent that people are crying about. We have bigger problems to deal with like radical Islam.
90. How do you think humans can better the planet for our future Generations? People need more training. There needs to be more emphasis in schools to teach on how to reduce, re-use, and recycle materials.  We need to clean up the mess that humans have already created.
91. Do you like to read? Favorite Author? Why? Yes, Anne Rice, When you read her words she is so descriptive you can actually imagine yourself being in the scene. She is a descriptive genius.
92. Do you favor Firearms in the homes? Absolutely.
93. Do you know how to use firearms? If so, What kind? Where did you learn? Yes. M16A2, M203, M249, M2, M4 carbine, M9, M1911, M60, M240, AT-4, MK-19, MP5, Ak-47, AK-74, and M14. I was a soldier and took every chance possible to learn new weapons.
94. Do you feel communities would be safer with more private citizens owning firearms? Why? Yes. It takes a good guy with a Firearm to kill a bad guy with a Firearm. The more private citizens with firearms means there is a chance the would be gunman will consider not harming others for the sake of being killed himself.
95. Do you Hunt or fish? If so, what is your favorite game? I love to fish. I love Salmon, Grouper, and Trout.
96. Favorite Animals? Why? Bears and Wolves. A bear is a symbol of strength, The wolf represents pride and unity.
97. What are your short term and long term goals? Short Term Goal is to start writing a book, possibly a series. Long term is to finish it and sell it as an eBook on Amazon.
98. Have you accomplished or failed at any past goals? Win some and lose some… That’s life. 99. Favorite Sports? Teams? American Foot Ball, San Francisco 49ers. World Cup Football is Deutschland. Baseball is San Francisco Giants.
100. Any last words you would like readers to know about you? Ask me anything. If not too personal I am likely to answer.
David Lee Martin
US Army Functional Veteran.


  1. This one caught my attention. i read it from question 1 up to 100 and came so many question in my mind about who i am, what i like and etc. Good thing to read this kind of blog..:)

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