The Islands

Today i am gonna participate in a one-word prompt. The one word is Island. So convenient it is, as I am living in the Philippines. I live in Caramoan which is part of the Island of Luzon. However, part of this municipality has smaller Islands attached. I will share some of the beautiful views. 

Pink Gumamela, also known as Hibiscus.

The front view of our Bangka (boat).

Yellow Gumamela, also known as Hibiscus.

This is me doing some surf fishing with lures…. No luck. Notice how shallow the water is. It is a wonderful place for those who like to go Island Hopping, swimming, and snorkeling. 

One of the many small rock formations that have been slowly eroded away by the Pacific tides.

Local fisherman fishing the shallow off of Paniman beach.

Orchids from my front yard.

You can pick up a boat and operators in Barangay Paniman which is part of the Caramoan Municipality.  

The Female Atlas moth, one of the largest in the world. This one I spotted along the drive way to our village. It was easily 28 to 30 centimeters wide from tip to tip. Notice how the outer tips of its wings look like the head of a cobra. That is part of its defense.

The view of the Caramoan Islands as seen from Mount Cagalago in Barangay Tabgon. To get up here you must climb over 500 steps on the side of a mountain. This view can be absolutely gorgeous depending on the time and weather. 

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me. 
David Lee Martin

US Army Functional Veteran


4 thoughts on “The Islands

  1. You are an artist with your photo’s and with blogging, I am learning so much from you…say a prayer for me I need a job tomorrow…praying hard…thanks…~Jackie

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