A Map as My Muse

Its been a few days since I have written because I have taken a trip to Manila with my wife. I did not get online much for anything. So I will skip a few days of WordPress University for the time being and I will go back to them for writing inspiration later. Today is day Seventeen of Blogger University. The subject is the title. 
Now this did bring back some memories from when I was still a soldier stationed in Germany while on active duty. On the weekends, my now ex-wife and I would travel around Bavaria trying different restaurants and seeing the sites. We would open an Esso tourist map book that we picked up at a gas station and look at the icons on the Legend page. We found the icons for castles and ruins and then would travel to one. I think in one year we probably put 50,000 kilometers on our old 2 door 1986 BMW 320i just in site seeing. 
A map is like a key itself. Once you know how to open it and understand it, it puts the world in your hands. I enjoyed Europe so much just from being able to read understand maps and the legend. I recommend a hard copy map book to be kept in any car. I understand most mobiles have GPS and google maps installed. But technology can fail, batteries die, you may have even accidentally dropped it or got it wet. 
Learn how to use a map. It can be rewarding, fun, and a life saver. 


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