Writing and Not Writing

Day 9 of Blogger University for wordpress. Skipped day 8. I did not find it appealing. So todays subject is writing and not writing, which was issued a few days ago. I am behind the power curve. 

Some days I have enough on my mind to write more than one post. Sometimes I sit a day or  two wondering what to write about next. I am already behind in this participating in Blogger University. I basically signed up with it for ideas and exercising my mind. This is the first post that I am doing from an ipad as well. 

I like reader participation because it gives me something to think about and respond to. So if you notice that I am not writing and posting then throw me a bone to chew on. Please, challenge my mind a little bit. I might also be working on a longer piece. Either way I do find this to be fun and a bit challenging. Before starting this blog the only thing I did writing on was inspection forms for military equipment. So finding a new craft has sparked the fuel in my mind… Now I just need to keep it burning. Thanks to all those who are reading my writing. 
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran

Love this image. Found it on Pinterest.


6 thoughts on “Writing and Not Writing

  1. I thought it was only me who keeps skipping the Inspiration in Everyday Inspiration. It’s nice to find a blogger who also does. 🙂 To say nothing of the Everyday, in my case, too!


      1. Yes, making this course made me realise that I don’t actually need inspiration! 🙂 I’ve been very slack, skipping some prompts altogether and then doing nothing for a week or two… but I do mean to complete it (since I started it), even if only in a lackadaisical fashion!


      2. I haven’t written for a very long time. So I kinda thought I would use it to loosen my mind up and make me think. Motivate me a little and see what I can come up with I guess.


  2. That really happens even for seasoned writers. There are times when I find myself staring at the blank screen for hours and not a single word has been written. But there are also times when my mind was restless and wanted to write down everything that comes through it.

    I don’t force myself to write when I can’t.


    1. Sometimes I just look around the room or outside for ideas. Sometimes while riding around on my bike i think about what to write next. Occasionally I look back on my memories… Which I do not like to do because it can bring times of joy and suffering. Everything in life is a lesson. We can learn from it or suffer the same consequences over and over.

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