Let The Scene Write Itself

Day 10 of Blogger University. Subject is the same as the Heading.

Today’s scene here in the Beautiful Caramoan Peninsula is warm with heavy rains. Cannot really do much today on account of the weather. Powers gone off and on a few times. This blog I am posting from my mobile. Just testing the different formats to using wordpress because I will be travelling around sometimes and may want to share what I see on the spot. 


Rice field really filled up with water and if the locals are smart they will till it over in the next rain for the next rice crop. So this is pretty much my scene for the day.



6 thoughts on “Let The Scene Write Itself

  1. I cannot remember the last time I showered in the rain. When I was a child, we usually go out in the fields, play, and just enjoy the rain. I would love to do it again and relive my childhood. This is a refreshing scene David!


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