A Cup of Coffee

Day Eleven of Blogger University is about Coffee. Which is nice. I love coffee. I generally have one to two cups of coffee a day. Always in the morning of course. But if it is cold outside I will pretty much drink it all day long.  I generally use a 12 to 16 oz. mug. 

Coffee cup from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

I prefer my coffee very strongly brewed. So strong that light can barely pass through the glass pot. I do drink it with a little milk and sugar. A habit I guess I took from stealing my moms coffee from the table at a young age. People generally complain that my coffee gives them heart burn. I just tell them that I did not invite them to drink it. It is kinda why I make it avoidable to others. No one chips in anyways until the coffee jar is empty.

If I am out and about I do try out the coffee shop blends. I am fond of mocha and french vanilla cappuccino’s. I like frozen frap’s as well when it is hot. While living in Germany I did get addicted to espresso. I would order one just to add it to my own coffee to give me the extra kick. I am not much of a morning person. 
How do you like yours?

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


2 thoughts on “A Cup of Coffee

  1. I am doing the blog challenge also. Your coffee writing is wonderful. Even though I do not drink it, I can use all of my senses to “get into” your writing style. ~Jackie


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