Q&A for Andy

Q & A for Mr. Andy Snape
He says, “Tell me… Where you think the future of the USA lies…. and who will make the best president and why….”
The Future of the United States of America lies in the hands of the US voters. Elections are coming and people must choose the lesser of 2 evils. We all know there are no Saints in business and politics. America’s outcome depends on how wise Americans are in November.
I personally hope Donald Trump and many conservative republicans will win. I believe in Capitalism. I don’t like socialism. I believe in creating more jobs for Americans. I support more business’s for entrepreneurs. I believe in Making people work for a living. I believe in sending refugee’s and immigrants who are problematic leeches back to their homelands so Americans will be safer. I don’t believe in Lobbyists controlling our country through bribes and Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign. I believe in Supporting American Veterans, Our Military Branches, and our Senior Citizens. I believe in Having a strong and advanced Military.
I believe in cutting off Aid to countries that Hate us. Let them die of starvation. Muslim’s like ISIS and countries like Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan are just Humans with Rabies. Their heads are messed up from following their religion too tightly with narrow minds and lack of proper education..
I believe Hillary Clinton and the Liberal Democrats will destroy what is left of a Free America. She supported Terrorist organizations with Barrack Obama in Libya and Syria. She willingly allowed Diplomats and Soldiers die in the Libyan Embassy when help was available and ready to deploy. She and Obama told them to stand down.
Hillary Clinton wants to take away people’s 2nd Amendment rights which will lead to a police state. Crime rates will increase as will terrorist activities. Look at the UK, France, Germany, and Chechnya with its’ Muslim problems. Most are tight with Gun control.
Hillary is a liar. She contradicts what she has said in the past. She changes her words for what ever the crowd she is attending for. Before she only supported traditional Marriage, now she supports gays. Before she supported traditional roles between married couples, now she is seeking the feminist votes. She will say and not do anything. She is not consistent.
She is a fake puppet politician whose campaign has been bought and paid for by the Arabs. They own her. I don’t believe in Socialism like Democrats are starting to. They want to control your entire life, In all ways that prisoners in Jail are entitled too. Under Hillary Clinton I think we will see more oppression of the American people and more Islamic Terrorism, Less care for soldiers and Veterans, less for Senior Citizens, and More constitutional rights will be swept away from the American people.
Well Andy, I hope this answered your question.
TRUMP 2016
David Lee Martin
Functional US Army Veteran

2 thoughts on “Q&A for Andy

  1. Indeed kind sir it did.
    We have THE biggest vote of our lifetime coming up on thursday…. hopefully the leave vote will win 😉


    1. Good luck. I keep hoping the EU will split up and be as it was before…. More control for the i individual governments. Europe is worse than statehood i think. At times I think the US should divide itself as well.


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