Islam and the West

Islam and The West


Islam has been a real problem for Civilized societies for a very long time. Especially Radical Muslims who try to follow and enforce Islam in the same way that their self-proclaimed prophet Mohammed created it. By means of fear, terror, murder, deception, and lies. Mohammed created Islam when he claimed to have revelations from the angel Gabriel. Which he really did not. The Jews and Christians of the time called him out on his lies, so he killed them to succeed in his plans. The stories he told of that were his revelations were books that already actually existed in the Bible and the Torah. Mohammed was ripping off two other religions and manipulating the stories to create his own religion, and he did. He made it a hateful and fearful belief to fit his own personal war mongering agenda.

Most of the Middle East has been at war with its self and neighbors for longer than the US and most European countries have existed. Muslims started by murdering Jews who refused to believe in Mohammed’s version of God. Then started murdering Christians for the same reason. Eventually Muslims starting murdering other Muslims. The so-called religion of peace has never been a peaceful religion at all. Eventually Europeans had to send The Knights Templar to protect good people going on religious pilgrimages to the Middle East. Thus, starting the first of few much-needed Crusades. There needs to be more really.

Bible and the Quran

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are many good muslim people. I still have some Muslim friends and at times piss them off when I discuss my views of Islam. But they get over it, I hope. I have at times even dated muslim women while in Kuwait. Some are just as open-minded as the rest of the world. They are not all shooting people or murdering others for their religion in cold blood; doing bull-shit in the name of Allah like Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas. I greatly appreciate that. Bless those Muslims who keep to peace on a personal choice.

Since I lived in the Middle East for quite a while; I have come to the personal conclusion that Muslim beliefs are not compatible with Western Societies dominant with Atheist’s and Christian’s. Arabs, North Africans,  and Persian Muslims mostly, they don’t know how to act and respect others in a civilized society. They have been brain-washed into obeying the barbaric caveman system called Sharia Law. They leave their own countries like cowards after they allowed it to be destroyed by their religious culture. Then they come wanting to find a better life in Europe or the US. Then they make demands to suit their Religious needs. They will just destroy a country that was already better than theirs to begin with, and make is a hell hole like the one’s they created and abandoned.

Most Muslims have no respect for people of other faiths, women, or democratic societies. When ever they go to other societies;  the men are molesting young girls, raping women, and killing Christians and Atheists because they believe their faith allows them to. Politicians ask Western Civilized people to be tolerant by accepting to help them; and as Good Atheists and Christians do, being the better groups, we help them without forcing them to give up their faith. Our politicians allow muslims in with open arms while knowing the heinous crimes they are committing. They become a drain and a financial hinderance on social systems. The people of civilized societies are getting sick of barbaric Islamists, sick of radical Imams, sick of Muslims committing crimes and getting away with it out of political and religious tolerance. Politicians fear a backlash of looking racist or bias by ignoring the safety of its’ natural born Christian and Atheist citizens.

Its time to send Muslims home. They have worn out their welcome. Send them to their homelands. Saudi is their Holy land with plenty of space and money for them, send them there. If they were not born In the US or Europe then send them home. Send the refugees back to fix their own countries. Send immigrants who are social burdens home. Send Foreign Muslim student home as soon as they get their degree or diploma. Get as many muslims out of Europe and the US, as many as possible and don’t allow them back in. Those who are already citizens monitor closely. If they have ties to Radical Muslims by financing or communication then strip them of citizenship and send them to their country of origin. Keep non-Muslim monitors in all Mosques to prevent radicalization and hate speech.

Many Muslims have become like pigs in breeding and Rabid dogs in recent years; They bite the hands of those who help feed them, educate them, and nurtured them. They thank Civilized societies by attacking the good people who saved them with acts of murderous barbaric terrorism in the name of Allah. They Blow themselves up, bomb places filled with innocent people, and gun people down while yelling Allah Akbar (God is Great). No real great God demands the killing of which he has created, thus making Allah a false God and Mohammed a false Prophet.

If Muslims cannot learn to Co-exist with Civilized societies then they should not be allowed to migrate or travel the world outside of Muslim regions. They should be limited as to where they have access to. I use to be global-minded. I use to think it would be great if the world opened up for free range travel without borders, without nationalities, without the need for passports. But I now see that for as long as Islam exist it will never be a safe Idea. Muslims need to be monitored or contained. Israel, who I am not fond of politically has the right idea. They built massive walls to keep their people safe. US and Europe should follow suit. Because of a few Radicals they have ruined it for the rest. My Muslim friend once told me that maybe a small 3% are radicalized in the “old ways.” I replied to him, 3% of 1.3 billion Muslims on Earth is too dangerous of a number. There was no arguing that.

Trying to make muslims go back to their homelands may create more acts of terrorism. People will most likely die. But if you let them stay their Abuses and Murdering of others will continue and exceed the efforts of just getting rid of them. Like the German Blitzkrieg when they rounded up Jews in World War 2 Germany; the gathering of Muslims will have to be quick and without warning. Don’t allow them to organize among themselves, they will create acts of terror with mass casualties if you don’t act swiftly. But don’t kill them unless they fight. Just send them home….

If you are a Muslim who is mad and pissed off while reading this…. Too Bad, I don’t Care really. Be mad at people of your own faith who are killing in the name of your God and making people think this way. Re-evaluate your faith and think hard if it is really a faith and lifestyle worth living and dying for. Many Muslims in the US and Europe have turned to Christianity after seeing how much more peaceful it was. Educate yourself on Christianity… Buddhism even… Look in the papers, read into some History. Look at what Muslims are doing globally. Pull out a world map and put a pin on every country or location that has had a serious problems with Terrorism, Humanity, and human rights. 9 times out of 10 it will be a Muslim country or problems started by a Muslim minority. Be mad at them. Peace…..

David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran


3 thoughts on “Islam and the West

  1. David, you’ve raised thoughts that are really provoking. This reminds me of the passage I read recently: “…the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God (John 16:2 NIV).”


    1. It is what they think they are doing, but what real God would encourage the destruction of which he has created. If he is truly displeased he can destroy it himself like he did before.


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