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Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You
Yesterdays Subject (since I did not have a signal) For Blogger University from is suppose to be about social media…. Obvious from heading isn’t it? In the email for the assignment WordPress gave me a few Twitter feed examples to go off of. None of the tweets clicked with my train of thought. So what I will do is explain how it has influenced me and what I like and dislike about it.
How Social Media has Influenced me: Social Media has opened my eyes up politically and globally. I was able to see more clearly what politics was about and how candidates really are. I can see clearly that Obama is a weak leader in the face of this world, and not just weak in the eyes of America. He is completely un-American and supportive of Pro-Radical Islam. He has no spine for courage in the face of adversity. He has no Leadership capability. He and his wife are anti-white racist to the point that race relations now are set back almost 50 years. Even The US Soldiers hate him as their Commander and Chief. I should know, I was one. Sit in an US Army dining facility when the news comes on the TV and it is Obama; you can hear the soldier murmur phrases such as, “I wish he would get impeached.” , “why hasn’t he been assassinated yet?” , “Why is he still our commander?” or “Why have our Generals let him get this far?” This is almost the every day norm of many troops.
I will Admit, I voted for Bill Clinton on his re-election for his second term because I thought that he was doing well with National debt and almost started to reversed the deficit. But Knowing what I know now of the Clinton’s; I would not vote them to be the head of a neighborhood watch committee. Hillary Clinton is a co-murderer of American troops and diplomats. She says anything to get attention. She has no Integrity, She lies to the people and the media. She, just like Barrack Obama, has already sold America to Islamic Extremism.
What I like about Social Media: As said before it has opened my eyes up and made me a lot more wiser. It is something that we all can learn from, whether it be about health, education, people, places, politics, or current trends. It also opened my eyes to see who the Sheep and Wolves are in our society. I’d like to consider myself a bear. I eat the sheep and don’t get messed with by the wolves.
You can hear other people’s points of views and arguments on issues. It helps to see the pros and cons of Senate house bills or presidential executive orders through other peoples eyes. It definitely identifies the ignorant people and the open-minded people.
Some of what I learned since 2008 through social media is that:
1. The situation in The United States will really get a lot worse under a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Obama put America in the toilet and Hillary will flush it.
2. Liberal policies are for the lazy, whiny ass, free loaders, who are willing to give up their basic human rights and control of their lives, and become a slave to the system.
3. Democrats really do hate Veterans, American Values, and what our country was founded on, The Constitution.
I have been able to keep in touch more easily with friends and family members. No more writing long letters and having to go buy postage stamps and envelopes, then waiting weeks for a reply. I can easily keep up to date with Old Army buddies. I can join group discussions with like-minded people on just about any subject. The Web put the worlds education at your finger tips and others in Social media networks can help you find the resources.
I have also enjoyed  the use of many dating sites in social media… I have met a lot of interesting people. So easy that dating had become almost a sport for me to see how many I can score with. Lucky for me I met my wife through it and we been together now since 2010. It can be a blessing or a curse, be careful on how and where you meet people for the first time. Ladies should bring company.
What I Dislike: There are so many scammer, Liars, haters, false flag enemies pretending to be your friend, users, and people trying to steal your identity. There are hateful people who falsely label you because you don’t agree with them. If I don’t like Obama it is because of my Idea of being able to have better leadership and the negative content of his character. It has nothing to do with his skin color. But I been labeled by some as racist. Odd…. I have brown-skinned Asian wife… I don’t know how exactly their race card works. Anyways, there are a lot of people out there who are full of themselves and try to force their negativity and beliefs on others, especially narrow-minded Muslims. Keep an open mind and don’t fall prey to them. Stand your ground in the digital era. Be the Bear, The Wolf, and eat the Sheep.
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