The Space To Write

The Space to Write

Day Six of Blogger University for The task is to tell where we like to write, where are we comfortable? What is our Ideal settings?

I decided to start blogging so that I had something to do in my free time. I am fairly new at this. I have not done any true writing for a long time. Writing activates the mind and makes me think about subjects a little more in-depth. I like a peaceful environment that is free from annoyances.

My writing is usually done while relaxing in my hammock on my Balcony. I live in a small Village near Caramoan in the Philippines where my wife is from. The view is rather nice. Coconut trees are everywhere, some Mango trees, Guava’s, Pili Nut Trees, with a big open view of a rice field. It’s a really nice place to just think, gaze out at the hill sides, day-dream, and create topics in my mind.

writing space.JPG

Sometimes I also write while in the bedroom in the late evening. I will sit up with my back against the headboard and just be typing away. No one disturbs me here which is great. I have no distractions from children here; I can focus.

What would you like to read about? What would you like me to write my opinion on? Please throw some ideas at me. Read some of my other posts and get to know me a bit. I am really quite open minded. If you have questions please ask. I will post my email address below and if you email me, in the subject line just put “Blog Idea From a Reader.” I will write it down in a note pad and will do a blog if I think I can make it in-depth or I will answer you directly via email. Thanks you for reading!

David Lee Martin

Proud US Army Veteran



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