I have tried to be understanding. I have tried being tollerant. I have been a patriot to my country for as long as I remember. When I was around 5 years old playing with G.I. Joes action figures I knew I wanted to be a soldier. I have served many years in the US Army Honorably. I have been to the Middle East as a Soldier and as a Defense Contractor. I lived in Kuwait for 6 years straight. I know there are good Muslims. Many have become my friend. The World knows there are too many bad Muslims. Every where Muslims go terrorism and genocide follows.

You cannot screen something that is imbedded in their minds. What they believe to be true is in their Quran and the Surra, which is their Holy Books. I own 3 Qurans translated in different places. I have read the Quran on multiple occasions because when I see someone post an Anti-Muslim post on facebook I can validate it or call it Garbage. Usually it is true what they have posted as a verse from the Quran. So in light of recent events in Orlando, Florida; please Understand me on this Rant.

Call me an Intollorant asshole if you want. Call me Islamiphobic. I don’t care. I am sick of what Muslims do in our civilized societies. No one can compare me to Hitler because I am not recommending their extermination. I just want to put them back where they belong, in their own countries. Let them destroy themselves and those like-minded to them. I want to see America and Europe safe. I want to see Christians, Jews, and Buddhist safe. I don’t want American’s to live in fear because they have a Muslim neighbor or a Mosque near by. I don’t want to hear about Christian women being molested or raped by Muslims because they think it is their right. So here it goes. My solution to peace in the long run. Please have some Understanding on where my heart is.

I am so sick of the Islamic bullshit coming from Radical Muslims. Enough is Enough finally. Send all the Damn Muslim immigrants and refugees back to their home lands. Don’t allow their anchor baby to hold them in the US either. Strip the baby of its citizenship as well on the way. Send all Muslim foreign students home. If Islamic education system is so advanced; let them learn in their own forsaken universities.

Shut down ALL large Mosques. If American Muslims need a place to pray let them have small community prayer rooms. If their God is real he is everywhere anyways. The government should audit every bank account belonging to Muslims to see where their money goes. If they send money to support terrorists then execute them and give their money to the victims of terrorist attacks by Muslims.

Ban the Quran and any teaching of it in public schools and public places. Do not allow the sale of Quran’s in book stores. Do not allow American printing presses to publish Quran’s. Online Networks should also block any sites for downloading the Quran within the US and its territories. Islamic subjects should be banned in schools unless the subject is History and Counter Terrorism. This is an evil Book that no real God would have good people follow. A real God would not encourage the murder of what he has created.

Muslims cannot be peaceful anywhere they go. They always have some damn assholes who ruin it for the potentially good ones. And for those who say these isolated incidents don’t represent Islam….. You are truly really an Idiot. These terrorists are only trying to be the perfect muslim by doing the same thing Mohammed did 1600 years ago.

Stop Foreign Aid to ALL Islamic countries; they hate us. That money goes into corrupted cycles and sponsors terrorist. Pakistan and Afghanistan are prime examples.

Their ideology has no place in civilized societies. They abuse their foreign workers who are non muslim, Arabs being the worst. If you look at a map and put a pin on every country that has human rights and abuse issues, and conflicts…. there is a 90% chance Muslims are the majority. They do not know how to co-exist with other faiths.

The Coward and International Disgrace Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have sold America to Muslims. The Saudi’s have their money so deep in many politicians pockets that they will support anything Un-American that Muslims want. Hillary’s campaign has been funded by donations from just about every Islamic country in the Gulf region. Both refuse to admit there is a Radical Islamic problem in the USA and the world. They divert the issue to Gun control or a mentally sick individual who was a muslim and a lone wolf acting on his own… These people don’t just wake up in the morning and say it is a good day to go out on a killing spree. It is indoctinated in them through the Quran, the Mosques, and terror training camps.

So please, have some understanding when I say, and many others will agree…. Their welcome is worn out and it is time for them to go Home.

-David Lee Martin



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