Write A List

Write a List

Since I am fairly new, or rather out of practice with writing and coming up with ideas; I decided to take part in the WordPress.com Blogging University. The subject is Everyday Inspiration. For the next 20 days, each day they email a subject idea and I will write about what is means to me. Today is day 2 and my subject is to, “write a list.” I can make any list of any subject. a list is a list…

I recently went through my Veterans Affairs (VA) medical screening for injuries sustained while in the United States Army. I hope I am approved for something for all the hard work and dedication; blood, sweat, and tears. There are days that I cannot walk due to gouty arthritis in my ankles, knees, and hips. Often I cannot lift my left arm due to arthritis in the shoulder. I have back problems because of arthritis and bone spurs. The pain has gotten so bad that it has had an effect on my work and I decided to leave it. I couldn’t keep doing what I do. So this list will be what I would like do when and if the VA decides to compensate me.Wish me luck.

1. Complete the building of my home; including installing a solar and wind generation system.

2. Buy a medium size pick-up truck or SUV.

3. Send an allowance directly to my kids with my ex-wives.

4. Travel around Asia since I now live in the Philippines. Possibly make a trip back to Europe eventually.

5. Reignite some hobbies that I have not done for a while.

6. Upgrade my Laptop, mobile, and maybe get a normal home Computer with a proper desk.

7. Maybe get a new boat with a proper Garmin GPS and fish Finder for fishing around here in Caramoan, Philippines.

8. Buy some fitness equipment to keep myself in the best shape I can.

9. Maybe take a few certification courses.

10. Get something really nice for my wife.

This list is just a few ideas of what I would like to do if I am compensated by the VA.



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