Every where we look in the media there is some sort of dispute. I cannot watch the news on the television without seeing some liberal democrat abusing his fellow-man at a political rally.There is no respect from the democrats. Everyone has a right to a peaceful assembly whether it be a political event or a football game. No one should have eggs or punches thrown at them; that is ridiculous childish behavior coming from adults. When a victim retaliated they turn the victim into the abuser to push the liberal agenda.

The Hateful Liberals keep pulling the race card or Trump with Zero Backing. All he wants is to stop the flow of Islamic refugees. I am smart enough to understand where Trump is coming from; it is completely understandable after seeing how they are destroying Europe. It not racism to want to stop the flow of Muslims to America. It is wanting to protect Americans from future Islamist terrorist attacks. Islam is not even a race. It is a crude manipulative ideology anyways. Since the very beginning with Mohammed it has been founded on Terrorism, pedophilia, and Murder. Its fundamentals have no value of humanity in western civilization.

Next is illegal immigration of Mexicans into the US. He doesn’t want to send all Mexicans home. He wants to send ILLEGAL Mexicans home. He is ok with the Mexicans who came to the US with legal visa and extend their visas the legal way. He wants Americans to have jobs in these positions that these Illegal immigrants are working. Many of the illegal Mexicans in California ARE drug dealers, gang members, and rapists. I fully agree with building a proper wall between the USA and Mexico. Follow Israels example on wall building.

Black Lives Matter has become a major hate group that is starting to equal itself to the Klux Klux Klan. We get it people… BLACK LIVES MATTER…. ALL LIVES MATTER. It does not matter what color your skin is. Black, White, Brown, or Tan. We should all be preaching about equality… Black Lives Matter is spreading the divide and creating a bigger problem for Race relations. Between BLM and Barrack Obama the racial ties in America have been set back 40 to 50 years. What they should be saying is black lives matter too. Stop being self-centered and open your minds people. You don’t have to make your lives matter by murdering good police officers, looting, burning white businesses, or assaulting white people just for walking down your street. That does not further your cause. It takes you further away from equality. When I googled Black lives matter, most of what I seen was retail…. Just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they surely intend on profiting on hate. Truth of the matter is, More black Americans die by the hands of other black Americans than they do from police, but there is no profit in policing up their own neighborhoods.



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